Sunday, 19 August 2012


Shellac - They last too long!

Sometimes going to the nail salon to get a manicure is a nice little treat for yourself, unfortunately they can be somewhat expensive and usually last for a week or even less. Although Shellac has been around for a little, I just tried it last month and was super impressed!

Shellac is 'like a gel' but it is not the same as having gel nails. They use a nail polish that has some gel in it, and it also has to be hardened through UV light so they dry super fast! I don't know the facts that well but I'm under the impression they're better for your nails than actual gel nails. For a 'polish change' (a manicure without the hand massages) and Shellac it cost me about $30.

Originally I wanted them to last longer than one week so I could finally get my money's worth, but what's funny is that they actually ended up lasting loner than I wanted! They stay for so long that your nail outgrows it and it looks really strange if you have a french (the tips move forward).

As of now they actually lasted nearly two months now and have grown half a nail, it was only yesterday that some edges started to look like they had separated. I've actually peeled some of it off, I think it might have caused some physical nail trauma though.

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