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Seattle - Day 5 + 6!

Getting a bit tired here with the daily entries haha so here is a two in one! 

Well the first thing we did before checking out was go for a morning run by the coast. Although it was my idea (to be all active and healthy), I really wasn't that excited to wakeup and go in the morning - I'm really not a morning person. With that being said I felt like I was half asleep as I ran the first portion of the run, it was really nice since we got to see a lot of dogs since it was an off leash park and so we got to meet and pet a lot who passed by. Once I had waken up I really got to see how nice the view and coast was, and loved taking it all in as we jogged (I went with my dad and sister).

After that we drove onto a ferry which transported us from Victoria to Seattle! Personally I found this ferry a lot more comfortable than the one from Vancouver to Victoria. Instead of having rows of chairs, it felt more like a restaurant since there were individual booths with benches facing eachother with tables in between.

Right after we arrived we hit the Shoppes of Burlington Outlet Mall. In my opinion, this mall kind of sucked since there were really few interesting stores, for any teenager they’d probably share the same opinion as me. Honestly, the only few stores that seemed slightly interesting was Nine West, Coach, and Lululemon. 

Seattle Lululemon Outlet

Seattle Lululemon Outlet
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Lululemon is really what made the trip to the store worthwhile for me! A few days ago I had visited Vancouver’s main outlet (afterall they’re based in Vancouver) however it was really small, with few sizes and selection. This one here was huge. There were racks and racks of sizes for everyone (including the 2s and 4s)! Of course some of the selection is questionable, which is probably why they are being sold at the outlet, but they are marked down for a lot that there are still some great deals. I got a:

-Lululemon Yoga Mat Tote $12 (Originally ~30)
- City Pants for $69 (they’re stretchy like the groovy Luon pairs and are very flattering!)

Next we went to the Seattle Premium Outlet which was obviously a lot better since it is a well known chain. At a glance there didn’t seem like there were that many great stores but I actually was able to find a few items. There was a Michael Kors, Lesportsac, Fossil and Pacsun. Fossil actually had a pretty good promotion that was going on, “Buy one get one half off” ! It applies to Marc by Marc Jacob watches and Michael Kors watches which is why I was so surprised; but if you think about it if you get the second watch at equal value it works out to be a “25 % off” promotion. Unfortunately I didn’t get one which actually worked out for me later on. What I bought:

- Michael Kors Cardigan Tan $40
-LeSportsac Pencil Case $15
-LeSportsac Makeup/Toiletries Box/Zipup $25

Later we arrived in downtown Seattle later at night. It’s actually ridiculous that some Hotels charge for parking and that it isn’t included! Fortunately throughout the weekend parking is free on the streets. When we finished parking it was late and everything was closed and so we ended up eating at Hard Rock Café. It actually had such great food, except for the menus which listed the nutrition info for everything! It was actually super depressing as nearly every single item was listed at 1000 calories or more! I had this great Chicken Avocado sandwich, and for dessert I split an Apple Crumble with the family. It was delicious. It was like a nice contrast between piping hot (steaming) apple crumble and ice cold ice cream. Between the four of us it hit the spot perfectly!

The next day we went to Pike Market which was such a great street to check out (recommended for all tourists)! It’s like a fisher’s market, lots of fresh food, but there are also tons of Bakeries, Cheese stores, Chocolate Stores, Icecream Stores and the Original Starbucks! On Post Alley there was a restaurant called Pike Market Chowder which had numerous “Seattle’s Best Chowder” awards ranging from the late 90s to 2012, along with the long line of customers that went out the door we had to see what the fuss was about. The chowder was actually, very good. It was totally worth it, and a fairly affordable lunch. There are also a lot of art booths with Wire Art, Glass Art, Tshirts and more. I came upon Wonderbun, which is this cheap piece of wire+fabric that helps you create perfect hair buns! At $10 it's pretty expensive; but nevertheless it's cool and I'm excited to use it in university.

The rest of the day was actually spent shopping at pretty much three stores. We went to Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom. I love shopping at Macy’s since they have such a welcoming visitor policy! To all Canadians and anyone staying at a hotel they offer a 10% off discount, this is actually extremely helpful and can save quite a bit since they have some really nice items that can cost quite a bit. I was actually returning a pair of boots I bought at Pennsylvania’s Macys. I had been deciding between a 6.5 and a 7, I finally decided on a 7 but when I got back to Toronto I realized I had actually brought home the wrong one! So I brought them all the way back to exchange for a larger size. After that I went to Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom, but eventually I realized there were much nicer boots and went back again to Macy’s. So this means I’ve made numerous trips, and a store associate actually noticed that I had just made the exchange about an hour ago. Since I hadn’t brought the original receipt I could only get a Store Credit, fortunately I am planning to get something later so it will still be useful.

Nordstrom Rack is amazing. We don’t have Nordstrom in Canada but there is one across the border, Nordstrom Rack on the other hard is no where near Toronto so it was my first time going ever! Here I found a lot of great finds:

-       2 pairs of PJ pants for $8 each
-       Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Stick Stingray + Eyeshadow Palette $9 (I was originally willing to pay $20 for just the Eyeliner itself!)
-       Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencils (5 Travel Sizeed) $10 – One is usually atleast $18
-       Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeshadow Sticks $10
-       Urban Decay Skull Palette $12 (Originally 36)
-       Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden $8 (Originally $18)
-       Too Faced Cream Bronzer $10 (Originally $30)
-       Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch $90

They were even selling a MBMJ leather wallet for $100, a great deal – except I had just bought a wallet last month so I really couldn’t buy another. L I really found a great stash of makeup, unfortunately I really shouldn’t buy anymore for the next year!

Finally at Nordstrom, my sister and me bought a pair of Steve Madden boots! They’re called Troopa, and are black leather boots that lace up – sort of like military boots. It was actually a lot of hassle cause it was after seeing these that we walked back to Macy’s (which was only one block down) to return my previous pair and to see if they carried the same boots –which they didn’t. Me and I both ended up getting the same pair of boots half a size apart. It’s real leather unlike the pleather (plastic leather or fake leather) that I originally bought. When wearing both, the Madden boots were the clear winner!

So that’s pretty much everything I bought, it was a super successful day. After we went to Pioneer Square where we went and had dinner at Café Bengodi. The meals were very reasonably priced, and delicious! Meals recommended:

-Vongole Pasta
-Polla Pizza
-Chicken Parmasian

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