Wednesday, 29 August 2012


California - Day 7 + 8!

We had a really early morning flight, well actually it wasn't that early but because of the precautionary "be there 2 hours early" rule we were out of the hotel by 8am! I was super tired since I slept at like 4am the night before, and slept the entire flight from Seattle to San Francisco. When we arrived, like the previous few days, the weather was gorgeous! It was warm and sunny and everything I like about California.

At SFO we actually had to take a shuttle which has a pretty long path in order to rent a car. What's really interesting is that we booked a rental with National Car, but after filling in the paperwork they let us choose whichever car we wanted from their selection! Pretty neat, so we ended up getting a White Dodge minivan.

Next, we drove to Sausalito and it was pretty much the same as I remembered. We actually went three years ago, and so I recognized the really nice streets and it's coast line. We want to Scoma's which is a nice little restaurant right on the water, and it's actually pretty cool because thats where my parents went 25 years ago during their Honeymoon. We had a cold dungeness crab which costed us $35 (!), clam chowder, raw oysters, vongole pasta, and a lobster avocado salad. Overall the meal was really delicious (and expensive) - I especially liked the crab and salad! Next just to top it off we also grabbed a scoop of icecream, I really have to stop doing this since it's totally contributing to me gaining some serious lbs!

Right after walking around the streets it was time for us to start driving to Burlingame where we were going to meet up for dinner (already) with my godmother and her husband. We ate at Il Fornaio which is a really nice little Italian chain, as soon as I saw a pasta with angel hair as the noodle I chose it immediately! Angel hair is my favorite haha. The food was really good, and fairly priced. Then for dessert they did something really cool, instead of giving out menus they rolled out a cart and our server gave us descriptions and named each plate. Then it was simply a point and choose! I ended up getting this little bowl, I have no idea what it was called or even how to pronounce it unfortunately, that was really light with some icecream and some liquor I think. That too was really good. Actually, I just googled it and it's called "Zabaione alla Gritti and it's an italian custard!

Later we arrived at our hotel/inn, and were welcomed with a gift basket - talk about good service. What's really interesting is the cheaper hotels seem to offer free wifi, pool, complimentary breakfast, and free parking while the expensive 4 star hotels all had big fees!

The next day we spent most of our time shopping at Gilroy Premium Outlets. We had actually been here a few years back, and that time I remember purchasing a Coach backpack for just about $50. It's a decent outlet; however it's kind of separated into 4 areas that is divided by streets. Theres a section A, B, C, and D. The only stores I really had interest in were: Forever 21, Michael Kors, Vince Camuto, American Apparal, and Saks Fifth Avenue. F21 and MK both had some nice items at fair prices. However, I was upset when I was in V. Camuto since there were so many nice boots for ~$150, but they were so tight around the calf! Like a few would actually zip-up but I doubt that would be possible if I threw on a pair of leggings or jeans. Sucks, its either cause I have fat or muscular calves! What I got:

  1. F 21 Paris Tshirt $13
  2. F 21 Brown Belt $6
  3. F 21 Blue Geometric Skirt $8
  4. F 21 Grey Cami/Tank $3
  5. F 21 Red Formfitting Dress $8 
  6. AA Sweetheart Dress $45 -Seniors Day Discount!
  7. UnderArmour Tshirt $15
  8. Ralph Lauren Pinstriped Shirt $40 -Thanks Mom
I was pretty disappointed with the Saks, it's pretty dead looking inside and they have a pretty small selection of everything in my opinion. After having seen and bought everything, we had only been shopping for maybe 2 hours. Funny thing was that my parents were the ones who needed more time! So me and my sister ended walking around into and out of stores as we tried to kill about 2 hours left of time.

We arrived around 8 at my Aunt and Uncle's house, it's great because it's almost a tradition that happens every 2-3 years! We had some great home cooked meals, along with some cookies and store cheesecake. Slideshows of pictures were shown by their family, and ours and it was a really night. I love their cat. They have one of the nicest cats I have ever met, she lets you pick her up and pet her and play too! So far she hasn't hissed, scratched or given me any dangerous vibes which is what the majority of cats do. Peely is awesome - she also kind of looks like a tiger since she's orange and black!

Oh I also got my delivery - it's so annoying that shipping is either not available to Canada or ridiculously expensive, and so sometimes I ship stuff to their house instead. Unfortunately I opened the MBMJ watch to a disappointment as I noticed that the wristband was rubber and not ceramic as I had previously thought - what a big difference. I'm so glad that I found a watch the other day at Nordstrom Rack and that I ended up getting it!

Anyways that wraps up two days, I can't believe vacation is nearly over!

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