Friday, 20 July 2012


Mail has Arrived!

Love getting packages in the mail!
My purchases from (Amazon) have arrived! It actually arrived pretty quickly, I live in Canada and so normally the shipping takes awhile. I qualified for a (non expedited) shipping, which internationally averages 6-12 days, but since we're the US' neighbour its usually about 4-6 days. It's estimated date was actually the monday after the weekend, but to my surprise it arrived early (this Friday)!

I got a wallet and a cosmetic bag (: both are Marc by Marc Jacobs. Click to see some pictures!

Marc by Marc Jacobs D5 Pretty Lil Bliz Shoulder Bag,Indigo Multi,
 Normally known as MBMJ Nylon Cosmetic Bag

Also known as 

"MBMJ New Signature Nylon Half Zip Wallet Coin Purse Bag"

To be honest, when I first saw the wallet I was on the fence about it. Although I like the stitching visually, when you feel it against the nylon it's not actually that soft. It's similar to the cosmetic bag, but that one feels softer and more "squishy". I was actually about to return it, but losing your duties deposit, sending it back, re-ordering another one, all seemed like a hassle! Instead, it's started to grow on me; and realistically it was a pretty good buy for the price that I paid for it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Wow, uploading pictures on Blogger is actually such a pain. If anyone knows how to make them side by side in a grid style I'd greatly appreciate if you could leave me a comment telling me how. So did you get anything fun in the mail lately (:?

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