Monday, 23 July 2012


How to Install Windows 7 with a USB

I'm not that techy, or great with computers so bare with me as I try to.

  • Install Windows 7 onto my Netbook
  • Possibly try Bootcamping with my Mac

1) Have a Windows7.iso file
2) Mount it
  • Mac
    • Open Disk Utility 
    • Right Click Iso File and press "Open Disk Image"
  • Windows
    • Download Daemon Lite Tools
    • Select Iso File
    • Press Mount
3) Optional: ( Transfer files to compute which you arei installing windows 7 on with USB)
4) Press Setup.exe
5) Everything else just falls into place (hint press next after key)

(: It worked on my netbook! I don't know why all the tutorials require you to run from a USB or DVD, if someone could comment telling me why it is necessary that would be great. But as of now it seems like I had a successful installation

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