Saturday, 14 July 2012


Canada Beauty Boxes!

They've become all the rage, namely through Loose Button's Luxe Box! In the US they began with Birchboxes (no source), and for the past year they have been springing up in Canada.

What are they?
Well for a 'small' fee of approximately $10-12 dollars you get to open your door to presents every month! What these presents are, are actually a handful of 4-7 small samples. Of course samples are automatically free, what people seem to really enjoy is receiving monthly presents in the mail ( I mean who doesn't like that?).

Some of these are very high end, while others are drug stores. Essentially, it really is a surprise each month. Besides the type and quality, these companies are known to throw in full size samples which is really where some people find value.

List of Beauty Boxes in Canada

  • Luxebox by Loose Button
  • Top Box
  • Glymm
  • Glossybox 
*Unfortunately to my disappointment, Luxebox's are no longer offered monthly and instead are mailed out quarterly. For 7-8 items it costs $26, with this being said I'm still curious with the quality of its samples and if it is any better than their past boxes (worth the shortage of boxes and price) or not. That being said I think I will be be ordering it once for the season and seeing how it goes from there.

Top Box seems to have really good reviews across the web for its punctual arrivals, while also having a good assortment of brands. Since this one actually comes monthly, I'm hoping to try it when they resume their registration and are no longer in stock!

I did it ! Registered for my first Luxe Box which will hopefully be here next month (only two weeks)! Nearly $30 including taxes for one box, I sure hope it's good. If not, I will definitely be cancelling it and moving on. I'll be sure to let you know. 

Are you subscribed to any of these Beauty boxes? What's your experience with it, I'd love to hear what you've received and any recommendations!

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