Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The Bachelorette & Reality Shows

It kinda grosses me out to be honest, how can the guys be okay that Emily, the Bachelorette is going around 'trying out' each guy? I mean she goes from kissing one guy in one room to kissing another in the room next door. Does nobody else find that unsettling?

The next thing that's really strange to me with these shows and others such as "Paris Hilton's New BFF" is the fact that people can put someone else above them. On The Bachelorette, Emily is gaurenteed a guy whereas everyone else must be on their best behaviour just to get her attention. How can they be okay that they must fight for attention while the other individual just gets to choose from a sea of people? I think that a regular friendship/relation should have two people who equally want for the other person to like them haha. Same with Paris Hilton! She just gets to choose from a bunch of people who are all desperate to be friends with her while she doesn't have to do any work to show her friendship.

It's also kind of weird that she gets to have four people "in love" with her, while she tells each of them that she is also falling in love (to all four)!

Just my two cents!

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