Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Always Google for Discount Codes : American Eagle

Today I finally got around to buying what I've been looking at for two weeks: a denim jacket. When I was younger, I always loved them but eventually they went out of style, and so I paid less attention to it and didn't notice them as much. But within the last two years, they started making a comeback!

At American Eagle I tried one on, and instantly loved it. Unfortunately it was 55-60$ before our crazy Ontario '13%' sales tax! I tried to ignore it, and forget about it but I found that I liked it a lot more than just a little. I noticed them around all sorts of stores, and also realized that many also had a price around the similar price range. I also learned that it was cheaper online at the American Site.

What's ridiculous though, is that for a package to be shipped just a bit north they charge a standard fee of $50. That's the same amount as my jacket! Truly ridiculous, thankfully I will be going to the states in the next while and as such I can take advantage of a significantly cheaper fee of $7.

At checkout I eyed the little 'Discount/Coupon' box and started wishing that I had one, and could reduce the overall bill. None were being advertised on the site (which they usually do) but I figured I would try googling it anyways. To my dispair there were a bunch of good coupon codes, but they had all expired except, one for %15. Hey, 15 really doesn't seem that high but it's still free credit - it also turned out to reduce my bill by $7 and simply cancelling out with the shipping fee.

Just a little recount of my experience in buying this shirt, but the lesson is to google for discounts! Canadians, leave any comments on the unfair/tedious experiences you've had with shipping from the states (: 

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