Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Always Google for Discount Codes : American Eagle

Today I finally got around to buying what I've been looking at for two weeks: a denim jacket. When I was younger, I always loved them but eventually they went out of style, and so I paid less attention to it and didn't notice them as much. But within the last two years, they started making a comeback!

Monday, 23 July 2012


How to Install Windows 7 with a USB

I'm not that techy, or great with computers so bare with me as I try to.

  • Install Windows 7 onto my Netbook
  • Possibly try Bootcamping with my Mac

Sunday, 22 July 2012



I. Love. Avocado.

Beside it's list of health benefits, it is a "good fat", Avocado is extremely creamy and delicious. Honestly, I would eat one everyday if it weren't the fact that it still does, contain fat.

Here's a a sandwich I made the other day:

Delicious Chicken Avocado Sandwich
Avocado and Barbecue Chicken 
So delicious.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Mail has Arrived!

Love getting packages in the mail!
My purchases from Endless.com (Amazon) have arrived! It actually arrived pretty quickly, I live in Canada and so normally the shipping takes awhile. I qualified for a (non expedited) shipping, which internationally averages 6-12 days, but since we're the US' neighbour its usually about 4-6 days. It's estimated date was actually the monday after the weekend, but to my surprise it arrived early (this Friday)!

I got a wallet and a cosmetic bag (: both are Marc by Marc Jacobs. Click to see some pictures!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Make sure to check out Nordstrom's website or it's store locations! Lots of markdown's and it's public sale starts officially today (12AM PST)!

Taken from Feelway.com
I really want this watch (Top): Marc by Marc Jacbs Amy Crystal Bracelet Watch, it looks so pretty!

Though I can't really decide between that and this. I originally wanted the second one but now that the first one is on sale ...

What's catching your eye at this sale?

Lip Balms

My lips are constantly chapped and so I've developed a slight obsession for lip balms/salves/moisturizers!


  • Chapstick (Original)
  • Smith's Rosebud Salves 
  • Burt's Bees (Pomegranate)
  • Blistex Medicated (Blue Tub)
  • Vaseline
  • Carmex

  • EOS 
    • I like the smell and the packaging, but find it doesn't help much
  • Polysporin
    • It seemed to work really well originally but later it seemed to dry out my lips
  • Softlips
    • overrated 
  • Nivea
    • I don't like the formula/texture
  • Sugar
    • Overrated, often hyped by other people but it really wasn't that great in my mind.
  • Kiehl's
  • Aquaphor

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Eczema and the Best Moisturizer Ever.

All my life I've had skin problems revolving around Eczema. I'd always have really rough skin rashes and be constantly itchy. As I got older though (as it does for most people) it started to mild out, but every summer it would come back. This year I got it really badly around my joints (elbows/knees) and even my neck. Believe it or not even my eyelids were really dry and peeling!

Fortunately, after going to the doctor she recommended a lotion that the local Dermatologist frequently recommends: CeraVe. At first I figured it would just be like Aveeno, or any other moisturizer, and reluctantly went to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy this product that she spoke so highly of.

Now I'm glad I did. It's not oily at all, and I love using it in general not just where I'm really dry. It's fantastic at moisturizing and has no smell either. It's completely cleared up all the rashes I was experiencing and allowed my skin to return back to normal! Supposedly one of it's special features is that it contains ceramides, which is naturally found in the layers of your skin.

Although I've read some reviews from others saying that it wasn't that great for them I highly recommend that you give CeraVe a try, as it really did me wonders (:

What other solutions do you have to making your Eczema go away? Tell me if CeraVe worked for you just as well as it did for me!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Canada Beauty Boxes!

They've become all the rage, namely through Loose Button's Luxe Box! In the US they began with Birchboxes (no source), and for the past year they have been springing up in Canada.

What are they?
Well for a 'small' fee of approximately $10-12 dollars you get to open your door to presents every month! What these presents are, are actually a handful of 4-7 small samples. Of course samples are automatically free, what people seem to really enjoy is receiving monthly presents in the mail ( I mean who doesn't like that?).

Monday, 9 July 2012



With my graduation and exams, I started to neglect my gym membership (exactly what they want!), but now that I have so much free time I started going again.

Ugh I'm so sore all over, its a combination of the weight class, hot yoga, and irritable skin which feels like I have mosquito bites covering every inch of my body - so itchy. I have no self resolve which only then results in hives and pain later on - ouch. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3

As usual, I'm an iPhone fan. Unfortunately I lost it recently and have been depending on an old 9700 Blackberry, and am stuck waiting for the new iPhone 5! It's too bad that it isn't likely to be released until October or so!

Before the Samsung phone hadn't even showed up on my radar, like I noticed other people with it but really didn't care. It wasn't until recently that I really held it and started liking the interface! I'm really tempted to get one, but its really expensive, nearly $600. This also conflicts with me wanting to get the newest iPhone haha so I realized the best solution, is to get the Samsung S3, temporarily. If I could resell it for a similar price without losing much money, I would be so excited to get my hands on one!