Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Which Marks Count ?

Throughout high school I feel like I was always unsure of which marks mattered the most. Of course people will say to work hard each year, and to develop the right skills but I want to let people know the actual story. What is being looked at, and what isn't.

But first of all, university applications throughout Ontario are done through a website known as OUAC. Your high school will provide you with a Username and Password (that should be confidential) and it is through this site that you will apply to and accept/reject your universities.

Essentially the marks that you get in Gr.9 and Gr.10 mean very little in the Canadian system. They do not appear on OUAC, and as such the universities will never see these marks. You can slack, do well, whatever as long as you step it up in Gr. 11 and Gr.12.

Gr.11 is when your marks actually start to appear on OUAC, and in reality this can only help you . What these marks can do is help you get early acceptance. In Ontario, unlike the states early acceptance is not a separate process, it just means that you may get your acceptance around January - March. I know at my school, some people already started to receive acceptances before the deadline to apply had arrived! Nevertheless, programs will often have a mark requirement and that is where your Gr.12 marks come in, they are your most important marks (if you have no received early acceptance). If you messed up Gr.11 and had a bad year, bad teacher, couldn't pull yourself together (and other excuses) it's okay. If you can improve your Gr.12 marks such that they meet the "competitive average" or cut-off then your Gr.11 marks are forgotten.

In summary: The marks that universities will be able to see are (for semestered schools)

  • Gr. 11 Final Marks
  • Gr. 12 First Semester Midterms
  • Gr. 12 First Semester Finals (When these appear your midterms are no longer important and are thus replaced) 
  • Gr. 12 Second Semester Midterms
They do not see your Gr.12 Second Semester Finals. However if you do fall below the conditional offer's requirements, they may revoke their offer. However, do keep in mind that they have already sent out all their offers, and the deadline for acceptances are before your exams! So your Midterms is your last chance to prove to them that they should offer you an acceptance before they are all sent out.

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