Friday, 25 May 2012


Online Vet Service : AskAVetQuestion

Any pet owner would know (or soon learn) that visits to the vet are quite expensive. Each visit may cost hundreds of dollars; nevertheless it is necessary when seeking help for their pet.

Recently my dog started acting strange after a few minutes of running/exercise. She'd start to walk funny (sideways) and simply fall over as she was walking, this only occurred after exercise, and she resumed normality within an hour.

This condition didn't seem high risk, and so I googled around to see what I could find. This is when I started stumbling onto websites where Veterinarians were giving advice for a small fee.

This fee ranged from $8 ~ $30, and there were quite a few. Unfortunately one site called "JustAnswers" that seemed very legitimate came up with many articles and reports of scams.

When using one of these sites, they require that you provide payment information before you receive an answer. Supposedly some sites will overcharge you or continue to charge you past the one time use! Although some users reported that the service worked, it seemed sketchy and definitely caused me to look for a new site.

Now, I would like to talk about the site that I highly recommend: . After looking around the website I found there was a whole archive of previously asked questions along with each of its lengthy answers. This showed me how much effort she put into answer and that many questions had been asked (and had received answers. Other sites provided maybe 5-10 quotes of feedback, but for all I know they could have been created by the site owner themself. Here all the answers were published (no person would put that much effort to create "fake answers" for such a large array of questions)!

When paying, there are three options. I thought this was incredibly useful as they offered different levels of services which is great as it can be dependent on the user. For example the most costly option is $15 and is available when Dr.Marie (the vet) is online. It ensures that you receive an answer within 10-15 minutes! The second level (which I used) is only $8 (that's incredibly cheap compared to a trip to the vets) and guarantees a reply within 12-24 hours. The issue was not urgent and so an answer within one day's frame seemed perfect.

This lead me to use the site, I submitted my payment information along with a detailed summary of my dog's issue. The next day there was a detailed answer awaiting. It definitely helped by providing a possible diagnosis as well a way to help. I was also impressed to see that included in this $8 service was the option to continue messaging her (and receiving answers) if more questions came up.

Overall, my experience with has definitely positive and I recommend using it if you have a quick question that you need answered (and do not feel it is necessary to visit the vet just yet).

Please leave a comment if this helped you in any way! ♥

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