Thursday, 3 May 2012

Almost Died

So today, I truly experienced what it felt to go into aftershock. I was driving on the highway at a fair speed, slightly on the high side when I tried to change lanes. I think I must have only checked my blindspot without checking the side mirror, and was not aware that a car had sped up on the other lane.

I was afraid that we would collide and without thinking pulled the wheel hard to the right, at which point I began to swerve. I didn't realize it could happen without the ice/snow/bad weather, and it was definitely my first time experiencing it. Ever. It was truly the most frightening experience I have ever undergone, losing control of the car and being nearly perpendicular to the road as cars were approaching me at 120km/h. I am so thankful that these drivers were able to approach me and that I was able to get home safe. It was only later that I really broke down and cried, absorbing the incident I had just undergone..

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