Monday, 9 April 2012


Toronto Prom Dress Boutiques!

So, it's senior year and with summer along its way girls are looking to find that special prom dress.

After looking through a bunch of stores I finally found mine! I wanted to share a list of stores that you should visit, to help you with your search (:

I have the names - but you'll have to google for their address!

  • Obsession Boutique
    Eglinton - I personally found my dress here, and thought it was wonderful as they had a huge selection of dresses even in April (one month before my prom). Most of the stores seemed to have limited stock, but this store you have trouble walking around since there are that many dresses in the room! They also had a pretty good range of dresses - when you're looking for a dress in the same category as those Sherri Hill dresses they're bound to cost a few hundred. At this store expect to pay $350+
  • Want Boutique
    This is actually a chain, with at least 5 locations. The stores are pretty nice; however, I found that the majority of their dresses were short. There would be one or two racks of long dresses on the side. The dresses are nice too and that is where a bunch of my friends found theirs. I'm not sure but I think that dresses were 350-400+
  • Lemor
    This store has two locations, one at Queens St. and one at Bayview Village. I found that the one at BV had a much larger selection for both long and short dresses. They were all very nice however it seemed that prices started at $550.
  • Fashion Crimes
    This boutique gets a lot of publicity; I believe it has been mentioned in one or two newspapers as well. I might have gone on a super busy day; however the store seemed hectic/busy/un organized. As such I didn't stay long, and cannot give a price range.
  • BCBG
    Although this isn't a boutique, don't forget about it! There are lots of nice dresses that match the price range of other stores, and it can be easily found in malls (Yorkdale/Promenade).
  • Madeline's
    I've only seen it while passing by; however, I've heard that they have really nice dresses. Prices start at $415
  • Diva Boutique
    Although the entrance of the store has some dresses that look quite dull (perhaps for weddings /less glam and bling) after walking through to the other side there are many of the typical prom dresses that you'd usually see. They too were expensive at $500+ however, there are some nice ones too. They were similar to Lemor

    Here are some more suggestions:
  • Originals
  • Eccentrica Boutique
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Poor Little Rich Girl
  • Lord & Taylor (American) 

Please leave a comment if this helped you in any way! ♥

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