Monday, 16 April 2012


Online Shopping - Hollister!

You've definitely done it before, and have shopped online while you were supposed to do something else.

Recently Hollister had a 40% off sale, both in-stores and online! Supposedly shopping online is cheaper, and from the deals I found it wouldn't be hard to believe. Shopping in the clearance section seemed to be the best find I've had in awhile. Although I have kind of stopped shopping at Hollister, I just couldn't miss out on all these steals.

I got a hoodie (sweater) that normally retails for atleast $50+ for $10. Jeans for $30 (average) that actually fit! I've been looking for an affordable comfy pair for awhile and finally found them. I also got a bunch of other things, but coming home to a parcel is something that I'll always love.

It's actually so extremely convenient to shop online, almost too convenient. Punch in your credit card number and bam, you've got yourself a purchase. The only thing that bothers me about online shopping in general is that extra unnecessary shipping cost. Even for my shipment it cost me $15. However; I realized that with everything I was saving, I still come up way ahead despite the charge. As well theres no hustle, I got my clothes in less than a week.

Another great thing about Hollister specifically, is their return policy. Some stores only offer refunds or returns if you ship it back to them, but at Hollister they allow you to do it at your local store. This helped relieve any pressure or doubts that I had for an item, knowing how easy it would be to figure things out.

Another rant coming soon!

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