Tuesday, 24 April 2012



It might seem weird, but I've only recently realized how much I like to keep up with new/ learn random interesting factss. I'm constantly bored, surfing the net but now I've been reading more and more articles. Of course - it's not necessary articles with good substance.

From killing time with Yahoo's Top '40' that's displayed daily on their home and reading Celebrity Gossip on PerezHilton, to reading The Star (unfortunatley..) Bloomberg news and Huffington Post, I love these sites!

On that note: I'm happy to say that Apples Quarterly results were announced today, and as per usual they soared past analysts' predictions. Unfortunately their stock has been dropping the past two weeks. Nevertheless it shot up almost 7% in after-hour trading ( I was definitely getting worried)! It's true that their technology is getting a little updated and it's getting hard to have a competitive edge over Android and other competitors. Fortunately they're experiencing a lot of international growth with China and other markets! Can't wait to see what will happen, hopefully the lawsuits are settled and they can keep growing.

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