Saturday, 14 April 2012


iPhone 5 Please Hurry Up!

Rah! My iPhone 3GS has been lagging soo slow, I swear it's because of the old age together with the iOS4.

See, I didn't upgrade to the iPhone 4 since it came out right after mine and with the 'Good Ol' 3 Year Contracts' there was no chance that I would be eligible to upgrade with a subsidization. Then with the iPhone 4S I decided not to - it seems no fun getting the small upgrade, I want the whole new revamp! That's what brings me to the iPhone 5, it's been like 3 years (aproximately) and I can't wait to be one of the first with the whole new revamped design!

As of now, the phone LAGS. For the messages to open it takes like 15 seconds, that doens't sound long but that's extremely noticable. Something is also wrong with my camera! When I open the app, the camera doesn't "open" sometimes for a good whole minute. Other times nothing happens when I even press the capture button. Earlier today when I started typing the 'indicator' kept moving, whereas no words were appearing!

I'm totally looking forward to finally getting a frontfacing camera, and reactivating a data plan (: Thank god Apple has allowed these older models to upgrade its OS or else I'd feel like I was missing out even more. As well supposedly, there will be a a larger screen. Hope these aren't just rumours, and that it's released this summer!

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