Sunday, 25 March 2012


Foiling Method!

Right now, glittery nail polishes seem all the rage. Originally you may think that it's something that only kids/ 5 year olds would be seen wearing but more and more brands from OPI, Essie, Color Club, to Deborah Lippman are releasing these colours!

Although there have always been the shiny/glimmering colours; these are nail polishes with actual pieces of glitter in them. Sometimes they may even have the large hexagonal pieces of glitter too!

Unfortunately what people find out soon after, is that the process of removing this nail polish is length and time consuming. It's definitely not as easy as what people are used to, and it definitely does not come off with one or two rubs.

Fortunately for everyone who is interested in trying this new fad, there is such a thing as the "Foil Method". What this entails is soaking your fingers in nail polish remover, and with time it becomes much easier to remove.