Monday, 14 November 2011

Judgemental People

What's seriously bothering me lately is the way that people make assumptions of me. First of all, I have my own visa card and I'm 17. No, my parents do not pay it off for me. I do, I get a statement every month and I pay it all by my self with money I have saved from working at camp, retail and instructing (and some allowance). Nevertheless people continue to assume that I'm some spoiled brat, which is totally unfair.I pay for other things like my phone bill, how is it my fault that making payments online can be easier than sending in monthly checks? What if I want to use my hard earned money to buy something that is online and only available to pay with through visa. Isn't it more independent being able to purchase orders entirely through ones self? I honestly hate the reputation that people who cannot control their spending have given to credit card users. I just read in the Toronto Star
An article critiquing any parent "crazy" enough to give their teenager a credit card. Call me crazy, but if they don't know how to teach them to use it early on who's fault is that? Obviously they might go on a spending free if they know they can make unlimited purchases but if they know that they at responsible for paying back each penny why would they blow themselves into debt?! Mentioned in some earlier posts I have a MacBook, yeah I didn't just get it as some expensive present like some of my other friends cause I didn't want my parents to have to pay for all of it. As well I know it's kind of an unnecessary luxury which is why I paid for all of it. This along with many other more expensive items that I own which makes me upset that people are always jumping to conclusions.

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