Thursday, 17 November 2011


Test Stress

Lately, I've realized that I mess up on tests simply because I start to panic and hyperventilate. It's strange because it has't really been like this for my whole life, just the last two years, and usually just for math. I've realized how conscious I become of time, and when I see people working hard and cramming down ideas I completely freeze.

Oh, how I hate anxiety. I think I need some extra time..

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Blackberry 9700

So this summer, thanks to some relatives I wound up with some extra cash. And what I actually ended up doing was hunting down craigslist and kijiji ads to find myself a "pre-loved" Blackberry 9700. Everyone at my school uses it, my friends uses it, I wanted to see the reason for its popularity. I wanted to see why people loved BBM so much!

So after a few months of using it, I've actually gotten a bit tired of it and wish to try out an Android next - Hopefully a Samsung Galaxy

Back to the Blackberry. To be honest, in general, with all the falling stocks and crashes, RIM has nothing on Apple. The whole user interface is not as user friendly, and to be frank the apps suck. Theres only so much you can do with it, and going back to iPhone just makes you miss it so much more. (For example, iPhone has a lovely Blogger app!)

But BBM, is actually pretty amazing. With its instant messages, and receipts its like a whole new world. In reality, it is, a whole new chat client. Just like facebook and any other program you have your own profile picture and message, of course this is much more exclusive, it connects only connects you to other BB users. As well, the delivery receipts are pretty darn useful. After it has reached their phone, you get a D for delivered. After they open it, a R shows up next to the message for read (of course there are ways to avoid this now). These receipts can be extremely useful, knowing if a person has gotten the message or not can allow you to avoid miscommunication. However; it can also be such a pain. It's definately made me a lot more conscious of opening messages. Lets face it, you don't always want to reply instantaneously - but somehow it just seems a little rude to read without replying. I know that I sometimes feel this way when it happens to me. This actually makes me feel more relaxed receiving texts because I know that I can put off replying to later.

Nevertheless this edge that RIM has had on Apple, was taken away just two months ago. Upon the release of iOS5, Apple users welcomed the arrival of iMessage, the "BBM Killer". Although it works jut as well, and feels the same with receipts, in my opinion the one thing it has missed is the use of Pins. Although they will, in fact, argue that this is one of its many advantages. Imessage incorporates itself with your address book, immediately switching between text and imessage depending on the receipient. Unfortunately from my point of view, having PINs allow you to add and meet new people without getting too personal. I say this because, adding someone and asking for their PIN is much less simpler than asking someone for their phone number. I have no real explanation for this but its true. In addition to this, if you ever get tired of that person or want to to disconnect yourself from them you're free to delete them! You can delete yourself from their phonebook without changing phone numbers which is a complete pain.

Anyhows, I know this isn't much of a conclusion but thats pretty much what I think of Blackberry and their BBM. Did I mention its an extra 10$ for this service? Nevertheless I have enjoyed its service the pass few months, but now I'm ready to move on.

Lazy, but I'm Back


So I've kind of pretty MIA since the summer. I kind of completely forgot about the blog but I actually really like having a place to (almost) anonymously publish my thoughts so I figured I would come back. As you know these posts range from random thoughts, to little annoyances, to reviews and more. It pretty much covers anything and everything that I want !