Wednesday, 8 June 2011



So, as I've posted before, I had decided to get a macbook. Therefore, today's sudden spontaneous idea of getting the MBP, well TODAY, wasn't thaaat random right? I mean I planned to get it, but its just the day that I chose to get it that was well, instantaneous.

And to be honest, I honestly feel like so manythings have been going on with my life lately, like so many chrisis' that I needed a nice distraction and a break. So I simply decided to get it earlier..

Which reminds me, how is it that for 3 years in a row, Apple always started their BTS promotion within the same two weeks, and now the year I am looking to benefit from it, it's no where to be seen?! And it is because of this, that I've come to the ridiculous idea, that I will simply return it within 13* days if there is still no ipod.. SO APPLE, simply please begin the promotion already!

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