Wednesday, 8 June 2011


ALRIGHT . So I'm a beginner, hang in thereee

So. Here I  have it. I bought it today, and have my first Mac OS laptop!

Its actually so overwhelming ! I brushed off the sales lady who kept telling me how I wouldn't know how to fully use it, and now I dont even know if I'll know how to use it for the basics. Like even now, I want to keep my PC laptop in the same room just for comfort and ease.

Anyways interface is beautiful as always, love the dock, keyboard and of course the aluminum outer body!

Was SO suprised by how easy it is to install a program. You literally just download it and DRAG it to the applications folder. Neat! And I suppose finding programs arent too hard now, these days theres usually a mac section

So..I havent really set up much, too afraid to touch too many things LOOL


So, as I've posted before, I had decided to get a macbook. Therefore, today's sudden spontaneous idea of getting the MBP, well TODAY, wasn't thaaat random right? I mean I planned to get it, but its just the day that I chose to get it that was well, instantaneous.

And to be honest, I honestly feel like so manythings have been going on with my life lately, like so many chrisis' that I needed a nice distraction and a break. So I simply decided to get it earlier..

Which reminds me, how is it that for 3 years in a row, Apple always started their BTS promotion within the same two weeks, and now the year I am looking to benefit from it, it's no where to be seen?! And it is because of this, that I've come to the ridiculous idea, that I will simply return it within 13* days if there is still no ipod.. SO APPLE, simply please begin the promotion already!