Sunday, 1 May 2011


Mrs. Fields Niblers

mmmmmm they are so delicious! I only started eating them this year its a shame  that I missed out for so long! The ones that I love specifically are the Niblers, they're the miniature sized cookies that are aproximately 1.5" in diameter, and because they're so small they'll keep you reaching for more.

So yesterday I tried the oatmeal raisin one which was better than I expected, but as I expected I loved the m&m flavour and milk chocolate niblers.

You see, they have this deal, you buy 6 (half a dozen) for $2.50. Originally I told myself that I'd only have 3 since I just wanted a small snack, yeah right. I ended up returning only to buy another 3! I would have bought 2 more, but at 50c each, it would have cost the same as the 2.5/6 deal, and since the worker recognized me she still gave me the extra one.

NEW: I think I should order them online! I wonder if they would be just as good..

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