Sunday, 1 May 2011



Isn't it funny that, we're already five months into the year? Thats nearly half way! It's strange since I still think we're at the beginning of the year, still February or March.

With that being said, for some reason probably related the fact that I was extremely lazy for all of April, I've decided to make May my month of goals, and active productivity!

Starting today I'm going to stop eating 1-2 sandwiches of Peanut Butter (Jam, or Banana and Honey) every day, haha they were so delicious.., and essentially try to eat a bit more on the healthy side.Start running more, since I stopped for the last two weeks (notice how these two promises will hopefully lead to being me being more healthy and allow me be a bit lighter). And also force myself to start studying for my SAT on June 4th!

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