Tuesday, 3 May 2011


interesting election

So the only thing that was unsurprising was the fact that the Conservatives won. Hands down.

What was surprising? Was the fact that for the first time in Canadian history the NDP beat out the Liberals (by a long shot I might add) and are the new Opposition Party.  Oh and the other surprising result was that for the first time in years the Canadian government is a majority government meaning that although we won't have to hold an election on a yearly base, they have the power to change things and do what they'd like. This isn't that great of a thing if you aren't conservative

Ohwell, I can't wait to vote when the next election comes, which won't be for a few years.

Sunday, 1 May 2011



Isn't it funny that, we're already five months into the year? Thats nearly half way! It's strange since I still think we're at the beginning of the year, still February or March.

With that being said, for some reason probably related the fact that I was extremely lazy for all of April, I've decided to make May my month of goals, and active productivity!

Starting today I'm going to stop eating 1-2 sandwiches of Peanut Butter (Jam, or Banana and Honey) every day, haha they were so delicious.., and essentially try to eat a bit more on the healthy side.Start running more, since I stopped for the last two weeks (notice how these two promises will hopefully lead to being me being more healthy and allow me be a bit lighter). And also force myself to start studying for my SAT on June 4th!

Mrs. Fields Niblers

mmmmmm they are so delicious! I only started eating them this year its a shame  that I missed out for so long! The ones that I love specifically are the Niblers, they're the miniature sized cookies that are aproximately 1.5" in diameter, and because they're so small they'll keep you reaching for more.

So yesterday I tried the oatmeal raisin one which was better than I expected, but as I expected I loved the m&m flavour and milk chocolate niblers.

You see, they have this deal, you buy 6 (half a dozen) for $2.50. Originally I told myself that I'd only have 3 since I just wanted a small snack, yeah right. I ended up returning only to buy another 3! I would have bought 2 more, but at 50c each, it would have cost the same as the 2.5/6 deal, and since the worker recognized me she still gave me the extra one.

NEW: I think I should order them online! I wonder if they would be just as good..


Alright I know its pretty small, but aparently my blog has had 100 views by 2:33, May 1st. I feel like its my first milestone haha, anywayss I kinda like what I've done so far; most of my posts are fairly random and cover a large variety of topics and all, and its just really- me.

Have a great day !


Also known as Holt Renfrew, and easily recognized by its deep shade of pink, it is a high end store in Canada.

Today was the second day of their Spring promotion (yay!) that allowed you to receive a gift card with 25% of  the price of your purchase. This means, that if you bought an item that cost $100 you got a Holt Renfrew giftcard with $25 on it, only limitation is that it must be spent in the month of may.

So as I said, it was the second day. In total the promotion will be available for three days, however; the first day was exclusive for its members (which I believe are customers who are signed up with their credit card). Personally, I only arrived there at 6pm, luckily the store is open until 9 on Saturdays, but with so many people scrambling to find something they liked I'm sure most of the original stock had been bought.

*What I learnt today is that really smart shoppers put aside items on hold in advance, and simply leave their credit card numbers, so that the employees can simply charge it on the morning of the first day! Pretty smart, and that means that they get the advantage of both the discount and the full selection!

Soo *happy*, I ended up coming home tonight with this lovely bag. A belated birthday present, which is a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse Classic Q Percy!

One question I have is, how do people know the name of their purse? It always takes me ages to google around with the most vague keywords, to eventually stumble upon it accidentally.

NEW: Wow I just realized that the straps can be taken off, and that it would be an amazing clutch! I also wanted to note how soft the leather is, its amazing

Also note that I've started adding pictures, I think it makes such a nice difference!