Sunday, 10 April 2011


TRISCUIT and mall

Soo, today (Sunday) I went to Fariview to go shopping with my sister! Haven't been there in awhile so that's good..funny story, I actually went there to use my Lululemon gift card that I just got yesterday. I forgot two things, 1) that there is no Lululemon at Fairview.. and 2) to even bring the giftcard! Haha I'm so funny..

Anyways so Forever 21 actually has some pretty nice summer clothes, it was a huge reminder to me that I needed to get fit to start looking nice in clothess and bikinis and etc lolol. I ended up getting jean shorts and a top, which I wasnt' actually sure about getting but you know what? I figured that I could just return it if I really stopped liking it. Turns out they have a no refund policy and if anything the most I could get back was store credit. (-$50 today).

It was there that I saw someone holding a box of Triscuit cracker, funny choice of snack to bring- but sure to each their own. It was only later I saw mobs of people all holding their own box that we realized there must be a promotion going on, and so we found the stand giving away boxes of crackers: 1 per person! There were different flavours and mine was pretty good ;o

And yeah like I said earlier I love baked goods so I couldn't resist when I saw a Cinnabon store! So I had a minibon, so delicious but so health-guilty. ohmy..

Anyways thats pretty much, still on the lookout for some new sandals or flats (:

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