Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Timmie Lunch!

So today, I had no school since it was Passover. Not because I'm jewish though, but because the majority of my school is so the classes are usually empty with only a handful of students, or the teachers themselves are away and so there is just a substitute and most of the time goes to waste.

And so I decided to go to Tim Hortons work, even after having a huge breakfast! Early on I used to always skip breakfast, but now it's one of my favorite meals of the days -  but thats probably because I like to eat as much as I want since it's "early in the day". Breakfast consisted of some cinnamon & honey oatmeal, bunches of oat cereal and some toast, though it probably should be considered an early lunch since it was at lunch. Oh well, then I wouldn't have gotten to eat some Timmies!

So when I got there I had a Chicken noodle soup, (apparently it's one of the calorie-light soups which may make it seem like I'm watching my nutrition.. but you'll see), a low-fat "Berry Burst?" muffin, and a chocolate dipped donut! Mmm, I also traded in my usual double-double for a coffee with milk and a shot of hazelnut but it turned out tasting super diluted and bland.

The muffin was actually the most interesting one! According to the nutrition pamphlet (yeah..I checked) its supposed to have only around 200 calories, and I was in the mood so I decided to try it. Its pretty different compared to regular ones, the inside of the muffin looks WHITE besides the sweet berries. It's also pretty sweet and sticky, and tastes kind of different than a usual muffin, almost candy-like. Anyway I'm not sure, but I think I really liked it and will probably have it again.

Happy Passover and Easter to everybody !

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