Sunday, 10 April 2011


starbucks receipt system.

I love it.

What is it? It's free coffee/ drinks haha!

Bet that's what you've always wanted, to be able to have their drinks without paying ridiculous amounts (: ta-da that's what I've been doing as of recently.

Basically at your local starbucks, randomly sometimes reciepts are printed after you order, and it offers you a chance to fill out a survey about your starbucks experience and it rewards you by giving you a free drink! The thing is, that sometimes the baristas will not automatically give it to you and will choose to save it for their regulars, or simply the nicer customers. The best, is to get one reciept after cashing in on your other one (: It's too bad that you can't use them for their baked goods (that are pretty terrible for you..) but I'll take what I can get.

So get talking to the Barista's, be nice, and enjoy some free drinks

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