Sunday, 10 April 2011



Because I have a pretty light course load this semester, I get away with not doing very much but the problem is that it leaves so much spare time. So to entertain myself I would say I've been playing a lot of Tetris Battle! It's kind of awful, since I'm pretty sure I could spend more than an hour on it continuously facing people.

See Tetris Battle is based on another website but its been embedded as an app inside of facebook, and boy is it addicting. The goal is to clear as many lines as you can, and when you do this a lot it "sends lines" to your opponent so their lines reach the top quicker! You also have the option to battle your own friends

So whats next.. Tumblr! Tumblrs a good site for killing lots of time, its a microblogging site just lite twitter however its mostly based on images. It's great for those who enjoy looking at pictures, whether they've been captured beautifuly by someone playing around with their camera, funny pictures that just make you laugh, photos with quotes that you can agree with and more. Of course its not only pictures, you can copy down conversations, publish quotes, videos, and more. Its essentially great to share things on it!.

Uhh what else, well I guess *blush, I've also gone back to neopets. Can you believe it? yes its the site that I played when I was probably 7-9, with the cute little animals. Yeah the one meant for kids. Except I dont actually play most of the games right now, its the stock market - which is actually listed under the games. What actually happened is that a few years ago before I quit I invested in some stocks which have since gone up by like %5000! So now I just buy a few here and there and then log out hahaha. 1.5 mill!

Other times I just read TheStar sometimes cause it can have some pretty fascinating . Thats just about it.

Ohh haha and lastly, I kinda like to read forums like Mallvibes which is a shopping forum based in Canada. People have general conversations, about everyday shopping, jobs, what they wore and bought and more ! Oh it also lists a lot of good deals and freebies! Another similar one is ThePurseBlog which features a lot more highend purses such as MarcByMarcJacobs, Chloe, Chanel and more!

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