Thursday, 14 April 2011


Packs of Gum

Today, I bought 4 packs of gum. Yup, they're all the same flavour- why would I do this? Weeeeell, since I really like Excel's Bubblemint (or something like that) I decided to buy'em at Shoppers Drug Mart. It's one of those typical long packages, but I never realized that I'd save money by doing so ! Yup, its the "buy in bulk" strategy and so 4 packs only cost me $3 or so.

Did you know they sell gum at Dollarama too? They're actually even cheaper there and sell for aproximately 60c and I have bought from there once or twice, but for some reason I believe that there must be a reason that they're half the price of regular stores, and that they're nearly expired or stale. I know that might not be true, but whatever this 4 pack works for me!

Yeah so my posts aren't as frequent as the first two days where I was posting nearly 3-4 a day! I guess it just wore off but I'll try to keep posting about the random events or ideas that play a part of my life (:

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