Sunday, 10 April 2011


Gosh, today when I was shopping I went to the Apple store since I'm getting a MBP (as mentioned in earlier post). So the main problem I currently have, is really deciding to get the 13" which is cheaper and smaller, or the 15" which has a nice and bigger screen - but of course more expensive. By now I'm pretty sure I'll go with the 13" but before that happened:

I decided to ask this guy who works at the store.

What he ends up doing, is asking me multiple questions about university and stuff which I didn't feel like talking about since I'm not even going yet! He says its because he was going to tell me about their Educational Discount, when I tell him that I've already thought about that and have that covered because my father could probably get me the discont. At which, he says:

Wow so "daddy's" just going to buy it for you then, huh?"

Uh NO asshole. I'm going to pay for it myself, and simply use his discount. Where do you get off jumping to assumptions like that? Sheesh. Of course I told this to him much more nicely, and stopped talking to him after that.

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