Friday, 15 April 2011



II am not ubsessed with music. Seriously, almost everyone I know would die if there were no music in the world - but although it would kinda suck I think I'd be alright. Nevertheless I like my share of radio music, and havent updated my iPhone for more than half a year I believe. Yeah..I want to get on that, but seriously, I dont want to pay iTunes for all the songs! So I know you can do :

  • Youtube to MP3
  • Frostwire/Limewire
  • 4shared and other sites that host the files
  • iTunes (obvious)
but whats the most efficient place, way to download a lot of songs?

Since nobody reads this, and it gets no comments I know that this won't get any replies haha. Oh well, I'll just have to continue to look for new sources to download music. 

-signed, my empty iPod. 

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