Saturday, 23 April 2011


movie- SOLD OUT... oh and pretty much a recount of my day.

What a drag.

Today, I was actually allowed to drive to the movies with my sister ( first ). I was pretty excited to watch the movie Lincoln Lawyer for no apparent reason, I think the whole lawyer story line seemed pretty interesting along with the fact that Matthew McConaughey (his last name is so difficult to spell I had to google it..) was in it.I don't even think I've watched the full trailer, but what the heck, I checked out the ratings on Rotten Tomatoe and it was doing pretty well so what the heck!

ok so the first mistake I made was choosing to buy tickets upon arrival, instead of pre-buying them at home and printing them myself. If only I had done this, then I wouldn't have had to watch the display change from blinking low seats to sold out. What a disappointment! The next showing was nearly 3 hours later, and there was nothing else I really wanted to watch.. I bumped into my friend who apparently went to watch African Cats, which didn't even seem that good but I found out afterwards that she thought it was actually quite good. Who woulda known?

Anyways so after that my sister and I figured we would go visit the local book store to kill some time, turns out, its closed on Good Friday. smaarrtt. We even made a few wrong turns since our sense of direction is so lousy, but what we managed to do was arrive at at Tim Hortons, where we grabbed a French Vanilla and a croissant. Next we got some chocolate from a convenience store, since its Easter of course, and next we sat down at Starbucks.
I had a skinny caramel machiato (iced) which I got using my free survey reciept! I also added in a chocolate cookie, mmmm, which was heated- it makes the biggest difference. Honestly, if you can have find a place that serves cookies to heat it up you will definately enjoy it atleast 10 x more, gaurenteed.

After going back home, we chose to watch a movie with Reese Witherspoon: "How Do You Know". Honestly, it wasn't really bad, or good. Simple story line, pretty classic where theres two guys and a girl, and of course everybody has their own problems. If you're looking for a cute movie to kill some time this would be great though!

Thats pretty much it.

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