Saturday, 23 April 2011


MINI OPI- what a steal!

Today, I went to Pacific Mall which is essentially, an asian mall.

Although I really went to simply walk around I ended up finding something I really liked! I love how that happens, but when I'm looking for something specific I can never find what I need..Anyways after stumbling into a store due to someone else's suggestion I saw in the middle of the store atleast 4-5 buckets of mini nail polishes with over 90% of them being OPI! Yeah , so these are the real deal, all 3.75ml of it. The size itself is so petite and cute, and although many people may think that its not practical- honestly, I have never finished a full bottle. Who needs the full size?

And the best part of it, was that I ended up buying 5 bottles for only $4.50! At regular malls and stores, a box of  four may sell for 12-15$!

I was so pleased with this purchase :)

 I also wanted to take a picture of the many buckets to show to some other people, unfortunately the store owner informed me that taking pictures was not allowed.. ohwell.

I got a : clear, turquoise, red, white, and glittery/shiny pink.

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