Sunday, 10 April 2011


macbook pro

My newest CRAVINGG: is the MBP. This is a really short post - lol.So basically I've always thought about getting one when I enter university, but recently I just decided "screw that". There will be so many other new exciting changes who cares if I'm already using the same laptop as last year?

Its so pretty and the new line just came out like a few weeks ago, I thought about getting the refurbished one or not and decided not to. I've saved up enough from camp anywayss.. See the thing is if I just wait till the summer then hopefully i can just take advantage of their Back to School promotion where they give you a rebate for an ipod touch! Then I hopefully just sell it for ~200 and that would feel like knocking it right off the price from my laptop, but thats the problem its not even back to school since I'm still in school! *sadface. I heard last year it started in the last week of May but still thats more than two months and I dont want to wait.

Oh what do I do...saving 200$ is a lot! SDFKLSFJK FDJ S

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