Sunday, 10 April 2011



So basicaaally there are a lot of different messaging apps available. The goal? To be the new BBM! Thats right everyone seems to have a blackberry now days and, BBM, which stands for blackberry messenger is a messenger that connects everyone with eachother and allows for messages to be sent instantly! Yup even faster than texts.

But here's the thing, its exclusive; so other platforms like android and iOS want in on it too. Or atleat the users do. And its because they dont have their own that many have showed up in the app store which is what has caused the current problem, too many apps. There are just way too many variations- and each have its own different strengths and glitches. Theres whatsapp, ping, kik, imessenger, beluga, and now Live Profile.

Its the last one however; thats become the biggest hit. And the sole reason is because its gaining so much popularity that more and more people are using each app and having a list of friends who use it has finally become possible. None the less, the problem with this app is that there are just sooo many glitches. Out of all the apps it may just be one of the glitchiest ones due to its slow updates, but then again its really new and aparently theyve gained millions of users just within a few days. I guess theres always time to improve right?

So what are they doing right? Well basically they've assigned each user a PIN just like Blackberry's BBM so user's can now go running around shoutting it out! It's also being tweeted and shared on facebook. Thumbs up for that.... Of course I still think their UI is pretty ugly. I dont like how I can barely see any of my conversation on the screen since so many other things are taking up room !

And personally, my list is growing pretty slowly and to be honest most of them are iphone users! Oh well I look forward to see waht happens with it!

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