Saturday, 30 April 2011

Junior Year- SAT?

Wow, so in the last week I suddenly decided that I would write the SAT. Here in Canada, it's not required unlike the United States and so those who choose to remain in the country usually will not write it. But to keep my options I'm thinking what the heck, and am signed up for June the 4th ( I think). That gives me about only one month to prepare!

Quick note: I think its pretty ridiculous that I had to pay an extra 50$ almost just because I don't live in the states!

That aside, the first thing I did was register with CollageBoard, and register. What I did next was go to Indigo's site where I ordered myself CollageBoard's Official SAT Study Guide: 2nd Edition. Man the book is much bigger than I thought it would be, I think its nearly 2.5 inches tall! But in all honesty, half of it is really just 10 SAT practice tests, which I believe are old ones from previous years.

So I started trying some of it and thats when I really started to freak out, as proven from previous years, I'm really bad at Stardardized Testing. Apparently I'm also really bad at reading and writing! First of all, the sections where I had to analyze passage's, were fairly difficult since all the choices seemed really similar. Secondly, the other cause for incorrect answers will be because of my limited vocabulary. Some of the answers to questions would be multiple words that I did know! How was I suppose to choose the right answer if I didn't know what they meant? It turns out I'm also a pretty lousy random guesser.

A little later came grammar; throughout all my school years I've never had a class or teacher emphasize correct grammar! Seriously if someone were to ask me what the difference was between an adjective, a verb and an adjective I would have to hesitate and think about it for a little bit - I know, scary. So for the questions in the SAT book that dealt with grammar, the only way I knew how to answer it was to say it out loud to simply see what "sounded good". Oh dear..

I started googling around to see what people asked, and answered about studying for the SATs, how people got perfect scores of 2400 and etc. I found out people  seemed to put in a lot of hardwork, and worried because, well, I only had one month. Knowing me, I probably won't even use that one month very hard!

Thankfully the thing that's really destressed me about this is knowing that I'm just doing this test as an extra, just in case measure. This means it really doesn't matter if I don't get a super high 2300-2400 score (although if I get below a 2000 I really will be worried..) because I can still get into a university here in Canada, and the likely hood of staying here is really high!

For anyone living in the states I feel bad knowing that you guys who are about to take it actually have to take it seriously, and actually study for collages to look at your application.


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