Monday, 11 April 2011


i just ran into a sign (haha)

So, as per usual I just went for a night run! Just like I planned, I(hopefully) burned off that delicious Rolo popsicle and felt more healthy, and less guilty!

I'm actually going to be doing a 10km run in May, pretty psyched for that. It'll be my first official run, and I'm pretty confident that I can do it since I've been able to distances around there. And to be honest, what people don't realize is that almost anyone can run, if you just take your time, jogging-style, its not that hard!.

I've always slightly been a runner, even throughout elementary where I ran cross country. I can do the distance since I'm a pretty determined person..but I'm usually exhausted and panting by the end! Of course I run much more relaxed now, but the thing is: I don't enjoy it as much as most runners. I know, I know, you should love to run, I wish I could love running, especially in the moment, but as of now its just the simplest way I can find to exercise and to kill some energy.

Funny story though, since it was dark as I was running I completely got tangled as I ran into a sign. No worries - it wasn't like one of those street signs but it was one of those thin ones that politicans set up when they campaign. Ugh after taht I saw a dead raccoon on the street! It was so gross, coming upon it since at first it was just this bulky object, and as I came closer and passed it I could see streaks and a puddle of blood. Gahh..

Oh well, I'm really glad today's ran went so smoothly. Except someone was being a bit sour with sarcasm, but whatever nbd. For the most part it was pretty relaxing, and I really need to stop eatting so much deliciiouss fattening food.

ALSO. I honestly think I have that seasonal depression think hahaha. Like, ever since the weather has warmed up and etc I've honestly been feeling so much happier about everything.

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