Monday, 11 April 2011



alright so it wasn't actually hot today, but it was the warmest its been in awhile. As mentioned somewhere..on this blog, I live in Canada where summers can be hot and sticky, but still its only April where it was snowing maybe like 2-3 weeks ago!

Anyways, the point is, it was only 21 degrees today but inside the office where I work (co-op) it felt about 5 degrees higher than that. Yup. Theres no air con yet since..its not actually summer, but there are plenty of large windows that allow for the Greenhouse effect to be created, and which do not open. Also there are maybe, two fans..that were on but it was HOT inside the office.

Even then, at 23-26 degrees, it may not seem that hot to you but let me tell you the outfit I stupidly chose for the day: sweatshirt, jeans, boots, long socks. The thing is, the sweatter ( a hoodie) was something I couldnt take off for thee entire day. The reason because I was wearing underneath was a see-through spaghetti tank top, and I'm pretty sure it's considered unprofessional to wear that around the office. So thats my story, I was boiling hot for like 5 hours today.

Bright side, I had a creamy delicious Rolo popsicle. 250+ calories right there, yay.., yeah I'll be going on a run tonight to make up for that!

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