Sunday, 10 April 2011


first post..

and it won't let me add my photo of choice! What is this blogger? I dont appreciate not being able to share the lovely picture of today's lunch. Truusst it was delicious haha. Oh well for now I suppose the link can remain here : "" . 
Tim Hortons all the way! That's right, I'm Canadian. 

Next today was so great, I got two belated presents.  One was a speakerdock that I've been wanting for awhile, and after a long wait I have it on my dresser now. Loveee it, and I also got a Lululemon Gift Card today from my cousin - pretty amazing. 

Went to the movies today and watched Limitless, finally a movie that isn't a waste of my money. It was pretty interestingg and then after that we went to have bubbletea, and food.

Ohyeah, so today I had to wake up suuper early ( for a Saturday atleast) and had to be at the office by 9! Man it sucks to be so behind on hours after being sick, though sleeping all those afternoons was definately great. 

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