Saturday, 30 April 2011


Feels like such a Long Wait ):

SKFJDKLSFJSKF, I've already decided that I will be buying a Macbook Pro, but the thing is I want it now. ): I keep seeing them everywhere, and its like a craving that I have, and waiting for it is killing me!

I hope Apple miraculously decides to start their Back to School promotion earlier this year..

Also- I don't know what I should do with the iPod touch rebate! That is essentially the only reason I'm holding out for a little bit more; I already have an iPhone so I would simply sell it to save some more money but lately I've actually been contemplating keeping it! 

Although I LOVE my iPhone, and could probably not cope without it, I feel like this new generation of iPod touches have everything that I would need now except for the phone section. In the past, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a camera, and something else but as of now there's very little difference!

And because of this, I've started to think about getting a blackberry simply because it would be nice to try something else. Since mine's the older 3GS, I've already started to get bored looking at, and the battery has actually been draining for no reason really quickly everyday! So as of now I've briefly thought about switching my iPhone for a blackberry and ipod touch, although I would have to carry more I don't think I would mind that much. Plus the blackberry has BBM, and although it seems pretty stupid to get a phone just for that I feel like thats really a perk, and its a really nice extra.

What I've been thinking about, is that using pins is really smart.Especially in upcoming years when you meet more people, it'd probably be more convenient to exchange that then your personal phone number, especially when its people that you're just meeting. Additionally, you might not even want to give your number to someone you barely know, because once they have it you probablyy won't want to change it unless they begin to harass you. Having a pin, however, would allow you to delete them easily if you need to. 

Data plans are also a lot cheaper for blackberries, unfortunately I'm still on a contract with Fido and won't be able to end it for another one to two years.

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