Saturday, 23 April 2011



Alright so I'm pretty young, but I'm pretty sure that as of recently I've been having a some dark eye circles! Reason? Lack of sleep.

And it's not even like I'm constantly busy, because I'm not. In reality, I think I've just been procrastinating sleeping! Well I know for sure thats what I've been doing. It'll be like midnight, and I'll be bored, and of course a normal person would sleep early right? But nope, I sit around trying to think of new things to do to kill time until its like 1-2am. And then I wake up at around 7-8 and feel like crap.

Its such a vicious cycle, because then I fall asleep late afternoon around 4, or after dinner and sleep for maybe an hour or two but of course not the whole night. And it is because of that nap, I can stay up late again.

Sighhh I hate sleeping, like its 1:40 right now but I really feel like doing things instead, and talking to other people. Heck I even feel like its a good time to start cleaning my room.

What do I dooo, I should make sleeping early my number one priority but I just want to do so many random things instead. Like I might even start reading a book, and continue on until in the morning.

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