Saturday, 23 April 2011

Browser Tabbing

I love it.

Everytime I'm on the internet browsing, I multitask by having about 5-20 tabs open!

It's amazing when youre at one site, and you come across like 5 links that all seem interesting in which case I just right click & 't'button on each, and open all of them. Then one by one, I go through the tabs but what I might forget to do is to close them. Yeah and this causes me to have about a bajillion tabs open, and causes my whole computer to lag like crazy.

Its definately a problem..

It's great that all browsers have this tabbing system because I can't go back to, not using them! At school, where many of them only have an old version of IE installed I've practically started opening multiple windows to fix this lil problem. Having to click a link, and go back each time to wherever you were is just too much of a hassle in my own opinion..but thats just me.

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