Tuesday, 19 April 2011


90210 , Episode 18 & more!

Wohooo, it's been so long since the last episode aired! Does anyone even know why all these shows took such a long break? Mann I've been waiting nearly a month for everything to be back. So I know most of these shows are stupid teen drama, but hey its TV and its entertaining

  • Gossip Girl
  • 90210
  • Hellcats
Mann, so far the first two have had great new episodes. With Gossip Girl I can't wait to see how this season plays out. Originally I thought that the show would slowly die out as all the ideas were drained out after straying so far from the books. But what I soon realized was that the show was even better! I love the actresses and actors in the show (except for Taylor Momsen and her character Jenny) and loove whats happening to Blair! Blair and Dan? I actually looove this idea. It's so fresh and new, as opposed to what was happening between her and Chuck though they really are cute together. Next the last part of this huge confusing story is the Prince, aparently he comes back ? what??! Whatever, as of now I couldn't care less about him and his royalty. Also we all know that Serena's cousin Charlie will bring along a lot of trouble, as do all new characters!

90210, was such a happy go lucky episode that it made me tear, I know, that's just kinda sad. I just love all the relationships that everybody is in! Annie and Liam are way too cute, and it was so great to see what he did for her after she got sick. Just like I'm liking Dan Humphrey with Blair Waldor, I think Naomi and Max seem to work perfectly since they're so much more genuine than the past. Funny how Max seems to be heavily sought after in another part of their highschool right?? Navid and Silver are just so perfect, I can't believe the drama thats happening between Silver and Ade though, the last few seconds of the show just made me grown. Some people just don't change eh? 

Anyways I cant wait to see whats new in Hellcats. I love Dan ;P ! 

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