Saturday, 30 April 2011


Menchies Fro-Yo

Menchies, is an extremely cute frozen yogurt store! As of now, there are only two locations in Canada one at Bathurst and Rutherford and another at Bloor St.

What makes this franchise so much better (in my opinion) than Yogen Fruz and others that are similar such as Marble Slab?

The unique flavors, variety of toppings that are topping, and most importantly how they charge you, which is by weight! Because of their pricing model, I'm no longer restricted to having only one or two toppings and choose to get a little bit of everything.

Although they sell frozen yogurt, and not ice cream I don't see that as their downfall by any means. Some will say that it doesn't taste as good, but believe me the combinations of toppings and and their fro-yo is still a delicious.

An example of two flavours that I've gotten before is Cake Batter and Red Velvet! Oh and I forgot to mention, that they have nearly 20 "McDonald Ketchup cup-sized" testers that are available. This means that you can sample every flavor until you find one that you like.

They have bites of skor available. graham cracker crumbs, reese pieces, M&Ms, marshmallows, real pieces of Cheesecake, cookie dough, and more! These are actually just a lot of the toppings that I've gotten (all at once), which is why I remember them.

So the bowl that they offer you is actually quite large, which may actually cause you to feel obliged to fill the whole thing up! Be careful since you may go overboard and leave having to pay over 7$! Well I've never actually done that since mine usually cost between $3-5, but I'm sure that its possible.

Lastly, they have a points card that you can get known as your "Smileage". Upon online activation you start off with 25 points, and when you hit 50 that's when you can redeem them for 5$ off! It seems pretty nice, but each point is earned after spending $1, so essentially you'll be only redeeming every so often having spent $50 there which I hope is not too frequently..

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Timmie Lunch!

So today, I had no school since it was Passover. Not because I'm jewish though, but because the majority of my school is so the classes are usually empty with only a handful of students, or the teachers themselves are away and so there is just a substitute and most of the time goes to waste.

And so I decided to go to Tim Hortons work, even after having a huge breakfast! Early on I used to always skip breakfast, but now it's one of my favorite meals of the days -  but thats probably because I like to eat as much as I want since it's "early in the day". Breakfast consisted of some cinnamon & honey oatmeal, bunches of oat cereal and some toast, though it probably should be considered an early lunch since it was at lunch. Oh well, then I wouldn't have gotten to eat some Timmies!

So when I got there I had a Chicken noodle soup, (apparently it's one of the calorie-light soups which may make it seem like I'm watching my nutrition.. but you'll see), a low-fat "Berry Burst?" muffin, and a chocolate dipped donut! Mmm, I also traded in my usual double-double for a coffee with milk and a shot of hazelnut but it turned out tasting super diluted and bland.

The muffin was actually the most interesting one! According to the nutrition pamphlet (yeah..I checked) its supposed to have only around 200 calories, and I was in the mood so I decided to try it. Its pretty different compared to regular ones, the inside of the muffin looks WHITE besides the sweet berries. It's also pretty sweet and sticky, and tastes kind of different than a usual muffin, almost candy-like. Anyway I'm not sure, but I think I really liked it and will probably have it again.

Happy Passover and Easter to everybody !

Sunday, 10 April 2011


starbucks receipt system.

I love it.

What is it? It's free coffee/ drinks haha!

Bet that's what you've always wanted, to be able to have their drinks without paying ridiculous amounts (: ta-da that's what I've been doing as of recently.

Basically at your local starbucks, randomly sometimes reciepts are printed after you order, and it offers you a chance to fill out a survey about your starbucks experience and it rewards you by giving you a free drink! The thing is, that sometimes the baristas will not automatically give it to you and will choose to save it for their regulars, or simply the nicer customers. The best, is to get one reciept after cashing in on your other one (: It's too bad that you can't use them for their baked goods (that are pretty terrible for you..) but I'll take what I can get.

So get talking to the Barista's, be nice, and enjoy some free drinks

baking blogs

So one thing about me, is I really like to eat, baked goods. I also really like to bake so it works out pretty well, except I pretty much end up eatting everything that I make. I know - I'm going to be fat. ):

I recently got a kitchenaid mixer actually, a beautiful Red Kitchenaid Professional one! But nyways so what I've been doing for the last hour is reading baking blogs and making my mouth water. The pictures are take beautifully, and everything just looks so delicious! The one I liked the most was :!

Check it out!