Wednesday, 14 December 2011



On a side note, my birthday is coming up within a month! I'm pretty excited as Eighteen seems like a pretty interesting age. I know that it doesn't unlock a lot of new things,but hey at least I can buy a lottery ticket now! It's also pretty cool that I can vote now , unfortunately, elections have just passed and that means i won't be able to exercise this right for another two - four years!

Let's see, what else does this age entail..I can sign legal documents now which is pretty interesting. So not only can I sign myself out of school, but I can be the sole owner of a credit card!

Oh it just seems so exciting, can't wait (:


It's supposed to be feeling Christmas'y I'm Toronto but without a single layer of slow it's getting a little bit hard. There's honestly not that many decorations, it's so saddening!!

Please bring out some celebrations

Saturday, 10 December 2011


I just want to start sketching again and knit a scarf..

Saturday, 3 December 2011


Re: Rob Ford

I just learned, that Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford is specifically telling people not to read the Toronto Star. How immature and downright unprofessional is that? Just because you don't like something that someone says, you shouldn't use your influential position to tell people what not to read.

Simply ridiculous.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Ceramic Watches

They've been the latest trend for the longest time and I can't get over it! Embarassing is the fact that I only knw about the designer watches, and not the ones known simply for being the best in the industry

Toywatch actually had another sale, and I absoutely love them! Only $100! But I have one already, and i supposed if I got a second one it should be of another brand..

Currently craving a Marc by Marc Jacbos or Michael Kors watch.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Test Stress

Lately, I've realized that I mess up on tests simply because I start to panic and hyperventilate. It's strange because it has't really been like this for my whole life, just the last two years, and usually just for math. I've realized how conscious I become of time, and when I see people working hard and cramming down ideas I completely freeze.

Oh, how I hate anxiety. I think I need some extra time..

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Blackberry 9700

So this summer, thanks to some relatives I wound up with some extra cash. And what I actually ended up doing was hunting down craigslist and kijiji ads to find myself a "pre-loved" Blackberry 9700. Everyone at my school uses it, my friends uses it, I wanted to see the reason for its popularity. I wanted to see why people loved BBM so much!

So after a few months of using it, I've actually gotten a bit tired of it and wish to try out an Android next - Hopefully a Samsung Galaxy

Back to the Blackberry. To be honest, in general, with all the falling stocks and crashes, RIM has nothing on Apple. The whole user interface is not as user friendly, and to be frank the apps suck. Theres only so much you can do with it, and going back to iPhone just makes you miss it so much more. (For example, iPhone has a lovely Blogger app!)

But BBM, is actually pretty amazing. With its instant messages, and receipts its like a whole new world. In reality, it is, a whole new chat client. Just like facebook and any other program you have your own profile picture and message, of course this is much more exclusive, it connects only connects you to other BB users. As well, the delivery receipts are pretty darn useful. After it has reached their phone, you get a D for delivered. After they open it, a R shows up next to the message for read (of course there are ways to avoid this now). These receipts can be extremely useful, knowing if a person has gotten the message or not can allow you to avoid miscommunication. However; it can also be such a pain. It's definately made me a lot more conscious of opening messages. Lets face it, you don't always want to reply instantaneously - but somehow it just seems a little rude to read without replying. I know that I sometimes feel this way when it happens to me. This actually makes me feel more relaxed receiving texts because I know that I can put off replying to later.

Nevertheless this edge that RIM has had on Apple, was taken away just two months ago. Upon the release of iOS5, Apple users welcomed the arrival of iMessage, the "BBM Killer". Although it works jut as well, and feels the same with receipts, in my opinion the one thing it has missed is the use of Pins. Although they will, in fact, argue that this is one of its many advantages. Imessage incorporates itself with your address book, immediately switching between text and imessage depending on the receipient. Unfortunately from my point of view, having PINs allow you to add and meet new people without getting too personal. I say this because, adding someone and asking for their PIN is much less simpler than asking someone for their phone number. I have no real explanation for this but its true. In addition to this, if you ever get tired of that person or want to to disconnect yourself from them you're free to delete them! You can delete yourself from their phonebook without changing phone numbers which is a complete pain.

Anyhows, I know this isn't much of a conclusion but thats pretty much what I think of Blackberry and their BBM. Did I mention its an extra 10$ for this service? Nevertheless I have enjoyed its service the pass few months, but now I'm ready to move on.

Lazy, but I'm Back


So I've kind of pretty MIA since the summer. I kind of completely forgot about the blog but I actually really like having a place to (almost) anonymously publish my thoughts so I figured I would come back. As you know these posts range from random thoughts, to little annoyances, to reviews and more. It pretty much covers anything and everything that I want !

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


ALRIGHT . So I'm a beginner, hang in thereee

So. Here I  have it. I bought it today, and have my first Mac OS laptop!

Its actually so overwhelming ! I brushed off the sales lady who kept telling me how I wouldn't know how to fully use it, and now I dont even know if I'll know how to use it for the basics. Like even now, I want to keep my PC laptop in the same room just for comfort and ease.

Anyways interface is beautiful as always, love the dock, keyboard and of course the aluminum outer body!

Was SO suprised by how easy it is to install a program. You literally just download it and DRAG it to the applications folder. Neat! And I suppose finding programs arent too hard now, these days theres usually a mac section

So..I havent really set up much, too afraid to touch too many things LOOL


So, as I've posted before, I had decided to get a macbook. Therefore, today's sudden spontaneous idea of getting the MBP, well TODAY, wasn't thaaat random right? I mean I planned to get it, but its just the day that I chose to get it that was well, instantaneous.

And to be honest, I honestly feel like so manythings have been going on with my life lately, like so many chrisis' that I needed a nice distraction and a break. So I simply decided to get it earlier..

Which reminds me, how is it that for 3 years in a row, Apple always started their BTS promotion within the same two weeks, and now the year I am looking to benefit from it, it's no where to be seen?! And it is because of this, that I've come to the ridiculous idea, that I will simply return it within 13* days if there is still no ipod.. SO APPLE, simply please begin the promotion already!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


interesting election

So the only thing that was unsurprising was the fact that the Conservatives won. Hands down.

What was surprising? Was the fact that for the first time in Canadian history the NDP beat out the Liberals (by a long shot I might add) and are the new Opposition Party.  Oh and the other surprising result was that for the first time in years the Canadian government is a majority government meaning that although we won't have to hold an election on a yearly base, they have the power to change things and do what they'd like. This isn't that great of a thing if you aren't conservative

Ohwell, I can't wait to vote when the next election comes, which won't be for a few years.

Sunday, 1 May 2011



Isn't it funny that, we're already five months into the year? Thats nearly half way! It's strange since I still think we're at the beginning of the year, still February or March.

With that being said, for some reason probably related the fact that I was extremely lazy for all of April, I've decided to make May my month of goals, and active productivity!

Starting today I'm going to stop eating 1-2 sandwiches of Peanut Butter (Jam, or Banana and Honey) every day, haha they were so delicious.., and essentially try to eat a bit more on the healthy side.Start running more, since I stopped for the last two weeks (notice how these two promises will hopefully lead to being me being more healthy and allow me be a bit lighter). And also force myself to start studying for my SAT on June 4th!

Mrs. Fields Niblers

mmmmmm they are so delicious! I only started eating them this year its a shame  that I missed out for so long! The ones that I love specifically are the Niblers, they're the miniature sized cookies that are aproximately 1.5" in diameter, and because they're so small they'll keep you reaching for more.

So yesterday I tried the oatmeal raisin one which was better than I expected, but as I expected I loved the m&m flavour and milk chocolate niblers.

You see, they have this deal, you buy 6 (half a dozen) for $2.50. Originally I told myself that I'd only have 3 since I just wanted a small snack, yeah right. I ended up returning only to buy another 3! I would have bought 2 more, but at 50c each, it would have cost the same as the 2.5/6 deal, and since the worker recognized me she still gave me the extra one.

NEW: I think I should order them online! I wonder if they would be just as good..


Alright I know its pretty small, but aparently my blog has had 100 views by 2:33, May 1st. I feel like its my first milestone haha, anywayss I kinda like what I've done so far; most of my posts are fairly random and cover a large variety of topics and all, and its just really- me.

Have a great day !


Also known as Holt Renfrew, and easily recognized by its deep shade of pink, it is a high end store in Canada.

Today was the second day of their Spring promotion (yay!) that allowed you to receive a gift card with 25% of  the price of your purchase. This means, that if you bought an item that cost $100 you got a Holt Renfrew giftcard with $25 on it, only limitation is that it must be spent in the month of may.

So as I said, it was the second day. In total the promotion will be available for three days, however; the first day was exclusive for its members (which I believe are customers who are signed up with their credit card). Personally, I only arrived there at 6pm, luckily the store is open until 9 on Saturdays, but with so many people scrambling to find something they liked I'm sure most of the original stock had been bought.

*What I learnt today is that really smart shoppers put aside items on hold in advance, and simply leave their credit card numbers, so that the employees can simply charge it on the morning of the first day! Pretty smart, and that means that they get the advantage of both the discount and the full selection!

Soo *happy*, I ended up coming home tonight with this lovely bag. A belated birthday present, which is a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse Classic Q Percy!

One question I have is, how do people know the name of their purse? It always takes me ages to google around with the most vague keywords, to eventually stumble upon it accidentally.

NEW: Wow I just realized that the straps can be taken off, and that it would be an amazing clutch! I also wanted to note how soft the leather is, its amazing

Also note that I've started adding pictures, I think it makes such a nice difference!

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Feels like such a Long Wait ):

SKFJDKLSFJSKF, I've already decided that I will be buying a Macbook Pro, but the thing is I want it now. ): I keep seeing them everywhere, and its like a craving that I have, and waiting for it is killing me!

I hope Apple miraculously decides to start their Back to School promotion earlier this year..

Also- I don't know what I should do with the iPod touch rebate! That is essentially the only reason I'm holding out for a little bit more; I already have an iPhone so I would simply sell it to save some more money but lately I've actually been contemplating keeping it! 

Although I LOVE my iPhone, and could probably not cope without it, I feel like this new generation of iPod touches have everything that I would need now except for the phone section. In the past, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a camera, and something else but as of now there's very little difference!

And because of this, I've started to think about getting a blackberry simply because it would be nice to try something else. Since mine's the older 3GS, I've already started to get bored looking at, and the battery has actually been draining for no reason really quickly everyday! So as of now I've briefly thought about switching my iPhone for a blackberry and ipod touch, although I would have to carry more I don't think I would mind that much. Plus the blackberry has BBM, and although it seems pretty stupid to get a phone just for that I feel like thats really a perk, and its a really nice extra.

What I've been thinking about, is that using pins is really smart.Especially in upcoming years when you meet more people, it'd probably be more convenient to exchange that then your personal phone number, especially when its people that you're just meeting. Additionally, you might not even want to give your number to someone you barely know, because once they have it you probablyy won't want to change it unless they begin to harass you. Having a pin, however, would allow you to delete them easily if you need to. 

Data plans are also a lot cheaper for blackberries, unfortunately I'm still on a contract with Fido and won't be able to end it for another one to two years.


Menchies Fro-Yo

Menchies, is an extremely cute frozen yogurt store! As of now, there are only two locations in Canada one at Bathurst and Rutherford and another at Bloor St.

What makes this franchise so much better (in my opinion) than Yogen Fruz and others that are similar such as Marble Slab?

The unique flavors, variety of toppings that are topping, and most importantly how they charge you, which is by weight! Because of their pricing model, I'm no longer restricted to having only one or two toppings and choose to get a little bit of everything.

Although they sell frozen yogurt, and not ice cream I don't see that as their downfall by any means. Some will say that it doesn't taste as good, but believe me the combinations of toppings and and their fro-yo is still a delicious.

An example of two flavours that I've gotten before is Cake Batter and Red Velvet! Oh and I forgot to mention, that they have nearly 20 "McDonald Ketchup cup-sized" testers that are available. This means that you can sample every flavor until you find one that you like.

They have bites of skor available. graham cracker crumbs, reese pieces, M&Ms, marshmallows, real pieces of Cheesecake, cookie dough, and more! These are actually just a lot of the toppings that I've gotten (all at once), which is why I remember them.

So the bowl that they offer you is actually quite large, which may actually cause you to feel obliged to fill the whole thing up! Be careful since you may go overboard and leave having to pay over 7$! Well I've never actually done that since mine usually cost between $3-5, but I'm sure that its possible.

Lastly, they have a points card that you can get known as your "Smileage". Upon online activation you start off with 25 points, and when you hit 50 that's when you can redeem them for 5$ off! It seems pretty nice, but each point is earned after spending $1, so essentially you'll be only redeeming every so often having spent $50 there which I hope is not too frequently..

Saturday, 23 April 2011


MINI OPI- what a steal!

Today, I went to Pacific Mall which is essentially, an asian mall.

Although I really went to simply walk around I ended up finding something I really liked! I love how that happens, but when I'm looking for something specific I can never find what I need..Anyways after stumbling into a store due to someone else's suggestion I saw in the middle of the store atleast 4-5 buckets of mini nail polishes with over 90% of them being OPI! Yeah , so these are the real deal, all 3.75ml of it. The size itself is so petite and cute, and although many people may think that its not practical- honestly, I have never finished a full bottle. Who needs the full size?

And the best part of it, was that I ended up buying 5 bottles for only $4.50! At regular malls and stores, a box of  four may sell for 12-15$!

I was so pleased with this purchase :)

 I also wanted to take a picture of the many buckets to show to some other people, unfortunately the store owner informed me that taking pictures was not allowed.. ohwell.

I got a : clear, turquoise, red, white, and glittery/shiny pink.

movie- SOLD OUT... oh and pretty much a recount of my day.

What a drag.

Today, I was actually allowed to drive to the movies with my sister ( first ). I was pretty excited to watch the movie Lincoln Lawyer for no apparent reason, I think the whole lawyer story line seemed pretty interesting along with the fact that Matthew McConaughey (his last name is so difficult to spell I had to google it..) was in it.I don't even think I've watched the full trailer, but what the heck, I checked out the ratings on Rotten Tomatoe and it was doing pretty well so what the heck!

ok so the first mistake I made was choosing to buy tickets upon arrival, instead of pre-buying them at home and printing them myself. If only I had done this, then I wouldn't have had to watch the display change from blinking low seats to sold out. What a disappointment! The next showing was nearly 3 hours later, and there was nothing else I really wanted to watch.. I bumped into my friend who apparently went to watch African Cats, which didn't even seem that good but I found out afterwards that she thought it was actually quite good. Who woulda known?

Anyways so after that my sister and I figured we would go visit the local book store to kill some time, turns out, its closed on Good Friday. smaarrtt. We even made a few wrong turns since our sense of direction is so lousy, but what we managed to do was arrive at at Tim Hortons, where we grabbed a French Vanilla and a croissant. Next we got some chocolate from a convenience store, since its Easter of course, and next we sat down at Starbucks.
I had a skinny caramel machiato (iced) which I got using my free survey reciept! I also added in a chocolate cookie, mmmm, which was heated- it makes the biggest difference. Honestly, if you can have find a place that serves cookies to heat it up you will definately enjoy it atleast 10 x more, gaurenteed.

After going back home, we chose to watch a movie with Reese Witherspoon: "How Do You Know". Honestly, it wasn't really bad, or good. Simple story line, pretty classic where theres two guys and a girl, and of course everybody has their own problems. If you're looking for a cute movie to kill some time this would be great though!

Thats pretty much it.


Alright so I'm pretty young, but I'm pretty sure that as of recently I've been having a some dark eye circles! Reason? Lack of sleep.

And it's not even like I'm constantly busy, because I'm not. In reality, I think I've just been procrastinating sleeping! Well I know for sure thats what I've been doing. It'll be like midnight, and I'll be bored, and of course a normal person would sleep early right? But nope, I sit around trying to think of new things to do to kill time until its like 1-2am. And then I wake up at around 7-8 and feel like crap.

Its such a vicious cycle, because then I fall asleep late afternoon around 4, or after dinner and sleep for maybe an hour or two but of course not the whole night. And it is because of that nap, I can stay up late again.

Sighhh I hate sleeping, like its 1:40 right now but I really feel like doing things instead, and talking to other people. Heck I even feel like its a good time to start cleaning my room.

What do I dooo, I should make sleeping early my number one priority but I just want to do so many random things instead. Like I might even start reading a book, and continue on until in the morning.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Timmie Lunch!

So today, I had no school since it was Passover. Not because I'm jewish though, but because the majority of my school is so the classes are usually empty with only a handful of students, or the teachers themselves are away and so there is just a substitute and most of the time goes to waste.

And so I decided to go to Tim Hortons work, even after having a huge breakfast! Early on I used to always skip breakfast, but now it's one of my favorite meals of the days -  but thats probably because I like to eat as much as I want since it's "early in the day". Breakfast consisted of some cinnamon & honey oatmeal, bunches of oat cereal and some toast, though it probably should be considered an early lunch since it was at lunch. Oh well, then I wouldn't have gotten to eat some Timmies!

So when I got there I had a Chicken noodle soup, (apparently it's one of the calorie-light soups which may make it seem like I'm watching my nutrition.. but you'll see), a low-fat "Berry Burst?" muffin, and a chocolate dipped donut! Mmm, I also traded in my usual double-double for a coffee with milk and a shot of hazelnut but it turned out tasting super diluted and bland.

The muffin was actually the most interesting one! According to the nutrition pamphlet (yeah..I checked) its supposed to have only around 200 calories, and I was in the mood so I decided to try it. Its pretty different compared to regular ones, the inside of the muffin looks WHITE besides the sweet berries. It's also pretty sweet and sticky, and tastes kind of different than a usual muffin, almost candy-like. Anyway I'm not sure, but I think I really liked it and will probably have it again.

Happy Passover and Easter to everybody !

fear of making mistakes!

askdjfklj, one of my biggest fears, especially at work, is making mistakes. I always feel so cruddy afterwards and  "frazzled" and continue on thinking about what I did wrong. Even if they're little things, but sometimes it really isn't my fault. Of course you then look like someone who won't own up to their mistakes if you say those three words.

I feel bad about something today, but nobody taught me how I was supposed to do and I didn't even know that I had done it wrong since no one spoke up untill 5 times later! It's also confusing me if it was me who messed up the date (as in April the __th) or not..

bloggin my worries away as per usual!

Cartilage Piercing, What a Hassle!

So I got my cartilage (helix) piercing done at Adrenaline this summer at the end of August, and although I know it can take up to a year to heal, my healing process has been so ridiculous! Although I admit I think its really cute and pretty looking sometimes I wonder if it was worth the hassle.

What bugs me the most is that I seem to be the only one getting all these complications! Various friends have gotten theirs done, heck some have got them done cheaply with a gun (which is a no-no aparently) yet theirs have been fine. Where as mine on the other hand has had soo many bumps, and has even been infected- I needed anti biotics for it.

So I think it may have to do with the fact that about a month ago I switched from a stud to a "swirly" kind of ring piercing, but as of now I believe I have little bump/bubbles on both the front and the back. I've been putting on seasalt soaks as advised by many, but it really hasn't been helping

I don't want to take it out but if it actually doesn't heal after awhile I just might have to.. ): sad.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


90210 , Episode 18 & more!

Wohooo, it's been so long since the last episode aired! Does anyone even know why all these shows took such a long break? Mann I've been waiting nearly a month for everything to be back. So I know most of these shows are stupid teen drama, but hey its TV and its entertaining

  • Gossip Girl
  • 90210
  • Hellcats
Mann, so far the first two have had great new episodes. With Gossip Girl I can't wait to see how this season plays out. Originally I thought that the show would slowly die out as all the ideas were drained out after straying so far from the books. But what I soon realized was that the show was even better! I love the actresses and actors in the show (except for Taylor Momsen and her character Jenny) and loove whats happening to Blair! Blair and Dan? I actually looove this idea. It's so fresh and new, as opposed to what was happening between her and Chuck though they really are cute together. Next the last part of this huge confusing story is the Prince, aparently he comes back ? what??! Whatever, as of now I couldn't care less about him and his royalty. Also we all know that Serena's cousin Charlie will bring along a lot of trouble, as do all new characters!

90210, was such a happy go lucky episode that it made me tear, I know, that's just kinda sad. I just love all the relationships that everybody is in! Annie and Liam are way too cute, and it was so great to see what he did for her after she got sick. Just like I'm liking Dan Humphrey with Blair Waldor, I think Naomi and Max seem to work perfectly since they're so much more genuine than the past. Funny how Max seems to be heavily sought after in another part of their highschool right?? Navid and Silver are just so perfect, I can't believe the drama thats happening between Silver and Ade though, the last few seconds of the show just made me grown. Some people just don't change eh? 

Anyways I cant wait to see whats new in Hellcats. I love Dan ;P ! 

Monday, 18 April 2011


THE ANSWER to ebook vs. hard copies!

Books sold in stores, should come with a scratch card that allows readers access to an electronic copy! Mhhm, that way I could buy it with one go and could read it however I'd like, and alter between the two.

Friday, 15 April 2011



II am not ubsessed with music. Seriously, almost everyone I know would die if there were no music in the world - but although it would kinda suck I think I'd be alright. Nevertheless I like my share of radio music, and havent updated my iPhone for more than half a year I believe. Yeah..I want to get on that, but seriously, I dont want to pay iTunes for all the songs! So I know you can do :

  • Youtube to MP3
  • Frostwire/Limewire
  • 4shared and other sites that host the files
  • iTunes (obvious)
but whats the most efficient place, way to download a lot of songs?

Since nobody reads this, and it gets no comments I know that this won't get any replies haha. Oh well, I'll just have to continue to look for new sources to download music. 

-signed, my empty iPod. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Packs of Gum

Today, I bought 4 packs of gum. Yup, they're all the same flavour- why would I do this? Weeeeell, since I really like Excel's Bubblemint (or something like that) I decided to buy'em at Shoppers Drug Mart. It's one of those typical long packages, but I never realized that I'd save money by doing so ! Yup, its the "buy in bulk" strategy and so 4 packs only cost me $3 or so.

Did you know they sell gum at Dollarama too? They're actually even cheaper there and sell for aproximately 60c and I have bought from there once or twice, but for some reason I believe that there must be a reason that they're half the price of regular stores, and that they're nearly expired or stale. I know that might not be true, but whatever this 4 pack works for me!

Yeah so my posts aren't as frequent as the first two days where I was posting nearly 3-4 a day! I guess it just wore off but I'll try to keep posting about the random events or ideas that play a part of my life (:

Monday, 11 April 2011


i just ran into a sign (haha)

So, as per usual I just went for a night run! Just like I planned, I(hopefully) burned off that delicious Rolo popsicle and felt more healthy, and less guilty!

I'm actually going to be doing a 10km run in May, pretty psyched for that. It'll be my first official run, and I'm pretty confident that I can do it since I've been able to distances around there. And to be honest, what people don't realize is that almost anyone can run, if you just take your time, jogging-style, its not that hard!.

I've always slightly been a runner, even throughout elementary where I ran cross country. I can do the distance since I'm a pretty determined person..but I'm usually exhausted and panting by the end! Of course I run much more relaxed now, but the thing is: I don't enjoy it as much as most runners. I know, I know, you should love to run, I wish I could love running, especially in the moment, but as of now its just the simplest way I can find to exercise and to kill some energy.

Funny story though, since it was dark as I was running I completely got tangled as I ran into a sign. No worries - it wasn't like one of those street signs but it was one of those thin ones that politicans set up when they campaign. Ugh after taht I saw a dead raccoon on the street! It was so gross, coming upon it since at first it was just this bulky object, and as I came closer and passed it I could see streaks and a puddle of blood. Gahh..

Oh well, I'm really glad today's ran went so smoothly. Except someone was being a bit sour with sarcasm, but whatever nbd. For the most part it was pretty relaxing, and I really need to stop eatting so much deliciiouss fattening food.

ALSO. I honestly think I have that seasonal depression think hahaha. Like, ever since the weather has warmed up and etc I've honestly been feeling so much happier about everything.


alright so it wasn't actually hot today, but it was the warmest its been in awhile. As mentioned somewhere..on this blog, I live in Canada where summers can be hot and sticky, but still its only April where it was snowing maybe like 2-3 weeks ago!

Anyways, the point is, it was only 21 degrees today but inside the office where I work (co-op) it felt about 5 degrees higher than that. Yup. Theres no air con yet since..its not actually summer, but there are plenty of large windows that allow for the Greenhouse effect to be created, and which do not open. Also there are maybe, two fans..that were on but it was HOT inside the office.

Even then, at 23-26 degrees, it may not seem that hot to you but let me tell you the outfit I stupidly chose for the day: sweatshirt, jeans, boots, long socks. The thing is, the sweatter ( a hoodie) was something I couldnt take off for thee entire day. The reason because I was wearing underneath was a see-through spaghetti tank top, and I'm pretty sure it's considered unprofessional to wear that around the office. So thats my story, I was boiling hot for like 5 hours today.

Bright side, I had a creamy delicious Rolo popsicle. 250+ calories right there, yay.., yeah I'll be going on a run tonight to make up for that!

Sunday, 10 April 2011



Alright so today is April 10th - and so by May where it is Summer; my goal is to be fit, and to eat less junk (:

primus - ihateyou

Alright so around 3 weeks ago, my dad switched our ISP to Primus after hearing about their really good bundles. The problem is that, there was no problem with our internet to begin with! Originally we'd get a crash maaaybe once every couple of months, now..

PRIMUS is disconnecting me multiple times a day!

its soo infuriating, like sure the breaks are pretty short but to have it happening so frequently is ridiculous. . Anyways I just wanted to say this, so think twice before switching Internet Service Providers..

TRISCUIT and mall

Soo, today (Sunday) I went to Fariview to go shopping with my sister! Haven't been there in awhile so that's good..funny story, I actually went there to use my Lululemon gift card that I just got yesterday. I forgot two things, 1) that there is no Lululemon at Fairview.. and 2) to even bring the giftcard! Haha I'm so funny..

Anyways so Forever 21 actually has some pretty nice summer clothes, it was a huge reminder to me that I needed to get fit to start looking nice in clothess and bikinis and etc lolol. I ended up getting jean shorts and a top, which I wasnt' actually sure about getting but you know what? I figured that I could just return it if I really stopped liking it. Turns out they have a no refund policy and if anything the most I could get back was store credit. (-$50 today).

It was there that I saw someone holding a box of Triscuit cracker, funny choice of snack to bring- but sure to each their own. It was only later I saw mobs of people all holding their own box that we realized there must be a promotion going on, and so we found the stand giving away boxes of crackers: 1 per person! There were different flavours and mine was pretty good ;o

And yeah like I said earlier I love baked goods so I couldn't resist when I saw a Cinnabon store! So I had a minibon, so delicious but so health-guilty. ohmy..

Anyways thats pretty much, still on the lookout for some new sandals or flats (:

starbucks receipt system.

I love it.

What is it? It's free coffee/ drinks haha!

Bet that's what you've always wanted, to be able to have their drinks without paying ridiculous amounts (: ta-da that's what I've been doing as of recently.

Basically at your local starbucks, randomly sometimes reciepts are printed after you order, and it offers you a chance to fill out a survey about your starbucks experience and it rewards you by giving you a free drink! The thing is, that sometimes the baristas will not automatically give it to you and will choose to save it for their regulars, or simply the nicer customers. The best, is to get one reciept after cashing in on your other one (: It's too bad that you can't use them for their baked goods (that are pretty terrible for you..) but I'll take what I can get.

So get talking to the Barista's, be nice, and enjoy some free drinks

baking blogs

So one thing about me, is I really like to eat, baked goods. I also really like to bake so it works out pretty well, except I pretty much end up eatting everything that I make. I know - I'm going to be fat. ):

I recently got a kitchenaid mixer actually, a beautiful Red Kitchenaid Professional one! But nyways so what I've been doing for the last hour is reading baking blogs and making my mouth water. The pictures are take beautifully, and everything just looks so delicious! The one I liked the most was :!

Check it out!


Because I have a pretty light course load this semester, I get away with not doing very much but the problem is that it leaves so much spare time. So to entertain myself I would say I've been playing a lot of Tetris Battle! It's kind of awful, since I'm pretty sure I could spend more than an hour on it continuously facing people.

See Tetris Battle is based on another website but its been embedded as an app inside of facebook, and boy is it addicting. The goal is to clear as many lines as you can, and when you do this a lot it "sends lines" to your opponent so their lines reach the top quicker! You also have the option to battle your own friends

So whats next.. Tumblr! Tumblrs a good site for killing lots of time, its a microblogging site just lite twitter however its mostly based on images. It's great for those who enjoy looking at pictures, whether they've been captured beautifuly by someone playing around with their camera, funny pictures that just make you laugh, photos with quotes that you can agree with and more. Of course its not only pictures, you can copy down conversations, publish quotes, videos, and more. Its essentially great to share things on it!.

Uhh what else, well I guess *blush, I've also gone back to neopets. Can you believe it? yes its the site that I played when I was probably 7-9, with the cute little animals. Yeah the one meant for kids. Except I dont actually play most of the games right now, its the stock market - which is actually listed under the games. What actually happened is that a few years ago before I quit I invested in some stocks which have since gone up by like %5000! So now I just buy a few here and there and then log out hahaha. 1.5 mill!

Other times I just read TheStar sometimes cause it can have some pretty fascinating . Thats just about it.

Ohh haha and lastly, I kinda like to read forums like Mallvibes which is a shopping forum based in Canada. People have general conversations, about everyday shopping, jobs, what they wore and bought and more ! Oh it also lists a lot of good deals and freebies! Another similar one is ThePurseBlog which features a lot more highend purses such as MarcByMarcJacobs, Chloe, Chanel and more!

Block Block and Delete!

So recently after getting LiveProfile, this guys been talking to to me. No big, but the thing is: I dont know who this guy is! I think he's a friend of a friend, but he's kind of a creep.. He seems to have me on everything, and always says hi; and up till now i've just ignored him each time. But then it seems that its gotten to the pointwhere he's all like why dont you want to talk to me, what are you doing, and etc. Like its just kind of annoying and I just don't want to talk to him.

So I finally realized I should simply delete him off of everything. And that's that, facebook, twitter? (crap I might still have to check that), liveprofile, msn, and skype.

Posts can be 1 sentence long right?!

Drink water!

Haha not a joke since I will barely even drink one cup a day, and thats clearly not healthy and I hear drinking water is good for the skin..

macbook pro

My newest CRAVINGG: is the MBP. This is a really short post - lol.So basically I've always thought about getting one when I enter university, but recently I just decided "screw that". There will be so many other new exciting changes who cares if I'm already using the same laptop as last year?

Its so pretty and the new line just came out like a few weeks ago, I thought about getting the refurbished one or not and decided not to. I've saved up enough from camp anywayss.. See the thing is if I just wait till the summer then hopefully i can just take advantage of their Back to School promotion where they give you a rebate for an ipod touch! Then I hopefully just sell it for ~200 and that would feel like knocking it right off the price from my laptop, but thats the problem its not even back to school since I'm still in school! *sadface. I heard last year it started in the last week of May but still thats more than two months and I dont want to wait.

Oh what do I do...saving 200$ is a lot! SDFKLSFJK FDJ S


So basicaaally there are a lot of different messaging apps available. The goal? To be the new BBM! Thats right everyone seems to have a blackberry now days and, BBM, which stands for blackberry messenger is a messenger that connects everyone with eachother and allows for messages to be sent instantly! Yup even faster than texts.

But here's the thing, its exclusive; so other platforms like android and iOS want in on it too. Or atleat the users do. And its because they dont have their own that many have showed up in the app store which is what has caused the current problem, too many apps. There are just way too many variations- and each have its own different strengths and glitches. Theres whatsapp, ping, kik, imessenger, beluga, and now Live Profile.

Its the last one however; thats become the biggest hit. And the sole reason is because its gaining so much popularity that more and more people are using each app and having a list of friends who use it has finally become possible. None the less, the problem with this app is that there are just sooo many glitches. Out of all the apps it may just be one of the glitchiest ones due to its slow updates, but then again its really new and aparently theyve gained millions of users just within a few days. I guess theres always time to improve right?

So what are they doing right? Well basically they've assigned each user a PIN just like Blackberry's BBM so user's can now go running around shoutting it out! It's also being tweeted and shared on facebook. Thumbs up for that.... Of course I still think their UI is pretty ugly. I dont like how I can barely see any of my conversation on the screen since so many other things are taking up room !

And personally, my list is growing pretty slowly and to be honest most of them are iphone users! Oh well I look forward to see waht happens with it!

first post..

and it won't let me add my photo of choice! What is this blogger? I dont appreciate not being able to share the lovely picture of today's lunch. Truusst it was delicious haha. Oh well for now I suppose the link can remain here : "" . 
Tim Hortons all the way! That's right, I'm Canadian. 

Next today was so great, I got two belated presents.  One was a speakerdock that I've been wanting for awhile, and after a long wait I have it on my dresser now. Loveee it, and I also got a Lululemon Gift Card today from my cousin - pretty amazing. 

Went to the movies today and watched Limitless, finally a movie that isn't a waste of my money. It was pretty interestingg and then after that we went to have bubbletea, and food.

Ohyeah, so today I had to wake up suuper early ( for a Saturday atleast) and had to be at the office by 9! Man it sucks to be so behind on hours after being sick, though sleeping all those afternoons was definately great.