Thursday, 18 February 2016

KOR Nava Bottle Review

Why, hello, hello!

It's been nearly an entire year since I last made a post. Which is frankly quite scary. How did I abandon it for so long? So much has happened since then!

Fortunately, it's my reading week, and I have had a review that has been waiting to be written for the longest time.

It all started with my search for the perfect water bottle. The thing about me, is that I could probably live on 1 cup of water a day. And what you probably know, is that most people survive on more - much more. It's actually quite unhealthy being so dehydrated all the time!

So what I first realized, was that: bottles with straws are much more effective. I know it's actually not just me. A lot of people have agreed in saying that they are more likely to drink water when their bottle has a straw attached to it. So that being said, this was the first criteria my bottle needed to satisfy. But this list actually had a few components which is what made it so hard

Water Bottle Criteria:
- Has a straw attached
- Has a filter (being able to refill it anywhere, is frankly quite convenient - you could even fill it in the washroom using tap and it would still be fine!)
- Aesthetically pleasing - it has to look nice!
- Not too expensive

That being said, it is amazing how hard it was to find a bottle that would satisfy these needs. Brita has quite a few bottles that are filtered, unfortunately, I find them to be quite ugly.

Currently S'well bottles are all the rage - unfortunately they don't meet the rest of my requirements.

Anyways, I came across the KOR Nava Bottle. And to be completely honest, I thought about this for a while. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the $20 or so on this bottle, despite the fact that most bottles including Camelbak do fall around this range. What I ended up doing was contacting KOR, and asking if I could have one for review, and I was luckily enough they obliged! So although, I wouldn't say this is a sponsored post, I do have to say that I was provided the bottle; however, if I didn't actually like it I would write exactly that! Instead, I am happy that I absolutely love it and bring it with me everywhere. I actually received in when I was on vacation in Miami which explains the pretty back drop.

My thoughts on this water bottle:
So first of all, it is so pretty! I love how it looks, and the fact that you can see through it with the clear panels. I feel like its look is incredibly unique. Of course it would look nicer, without the straw and filter in the middle of it - but that's something that I wanted. I believe that they do actually sell this without the filter.

Secondly, I love how it just 'pops' open. You press on the purple button, and the lid flies right back. It also has a really great seal. I can almost guarantee you that it won't leak - the only time it has was purely my own fault (I had screwed on the lid wrong).

It's also super easy to hold onto due to the moulding of the lid. If you had a carabiner you could easily attach it onto your bag/backpack.

I haven't used the Camelbak straw in quite a while, so I can't compare it directly, but I do really like this straw! It has a good texture, and I like the shape of the mouthpiece. The only problem, I find is that I think that sometimes the straw does require you to suck on it harder than with other bottles. I think, that this happens more so when there's only a little bit of water left in the water bottle.

The filter actually does work. Sometimes I'm feeling super lazy, and don't feel like going downstairs to the kitchen for water and will just head over to the upstairs washroom.  The tap water is safe to drink in theory, but I swear that there is a bit of a smell. When I drink out of the water it tastes great, with no strange tastes or smells.

Overall, I would give this bottle a 9/10. I would give it a 10, if the straw was a little bit easier to drink through!

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review
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KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter
The filter just gets popped right in to the straw.

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter

Monday, 27 April 2015

Fantastic Deal from! $50 off with Free Shipping

Head over HERE!

Don't be alarmed if you see a deal at the top of the page for '25%' off, just keep scrolling down the page! I think there may be a $100 minimum to apply the coupon so keep that in mind.

There's also an 8% Cashback if you use Ebates (disclaimer: I have provided a link that has a referral code attached if you choose not to use it just Google their website!).

They have a bunch of great brands such as Hunter, Steve Madden, Sperry (YES! I've been eyeing a pair of these), Blunderstone and more.

I believe that it is a Canadian site; however, they are expanding to the US! With great promotions like this, they sure are establishing a strong presence for themselves. They also have some other great perks which really stood out to me:
  • They offer free shipping on all orders 
    • a really bold move on their part, shipping is expensive and if you think about it most companies have a minimum which range from $50-100!
  • They allow returns and exchanges, and even provide you with a shipping label
    • from what I understood, and there is a 100 day window which is quite fair
    • I realized that I may have misunderstood there return policy and have added the clarification I received: 
      • "At this time we can only issue a refund to the method of payment for returns made within 30 days of a customer receiving their item. We still allow returns and exchanges up to 100 days but returned items can only be issued a store credit at that time"
I also got this message earlier on when I tried to place a second order that happened to be under the minimum order: "Your cart isn’t eligible for this discount, but if you’d like to make this a final sale, you can save 4% with the code FITCONFIDENT." I thought that it was a pretty cool policy on their behalf - they're willing to give you a small discount if you really want it in exchange for the final sale.

This deal has got me so excited, $50 makes such a big difference -especially with shoes that are around $100 - it's essentially half price.

I also wanted to apologize, I haven't posted in a really long time since it is April and without a doubt exam season. Fortunately, I only have one more to go before I start my summer. I have some exciting months planned and may have a lot more 'travelling' posts that are different from my usual, I hope you find them just as interesting (if not more).


EDIT: So I received it, and I am absolutely loving this website. I placed an order only a few days ago and the order has already arrived. I didn't think there was any possibility that it would arrive before I left for vacation but they surpassed my expectations! Unfortunately, I underestimated the shoe sizing and will be needing to exchange it for a bigger side. This makes me so happy to know that the exchange process is so easy. I called them just now and had the smoothest customer assistance I've had in a while. All they asked for was the order number and the size I needed, and that's it! Basically a return label will be coming in the mail along with a new pair of shoes.

Furthermore, inside the box was a little card holder that says ' A gift for you ' and  it contained a card with a '10$ off minimum 80$ coupon'. I thought this was a really nice touch!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tory Burch Private Sale!

Just got the email twenty minutes ago, and there are some pretty great deals! Head over to the sale by clicking here!

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015
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Right off the bat I noticed some good deals:

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

I remember eyeing this when it was at it's regular full price! I've seen it come down before but not quite to $99!

There are also quite a few wallets for $99-160 which is pretty good for Tory Burch seeing as they're usually around $200.

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

Edit: I am so disappointed.. I thought items would go fast but not that fast. I decided for once that I should listen to my online lecture (real time, as opposed to listening to it after it had been recorded so I would be forced to listen it all in one go as opposed to pausing and stopping) and because of that and lunch I put off shopping the sale for about 1.5h!

I returned only to realize that most of the wallets I had been eyeing that were marked around the $99 price point were no longer in sale.
I hope that one of you guys had better luck that I did :(

Edit: I checked back the next morning and noticed that the 'Stacked T Zip Continental' Wallet was available in Ballet Pink. I was somewhat wary of it, I thought the horizontal line going across it was a little bit strange but nearly bought it since it was such a good price.

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

I had placed it in my cart and was ready to go until I saw this:
I also realized that exchange rate has only gotten worse..100$ USD is 127CAD ?! 

And realized that this was meant to stay in the cart.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you have those times where you are all ready to check out only to realize (usually due to shipping) that it was simply not meant to be?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Current 'Go-To' Makeup Products!

So I've seen plenty of bloggers post their February favourites (makeup) and that inspired me to do one myself! I always love to see what other products other people are using, or what they had in their makeup bag so I decided to show you which products I use the most frequently.

Favourite Makeup Urban Decay Nars Naked Palette Benefit Marc by Marc Jacobs

For some things I actually switch between two products if I'm being indecisive or I simply haven't decided which I like better.

So for mascara, as I mentioned I really like using my Loreal Voluminous and 'They're Real' by Benefit.

To curl my eye lashes I've been using this mini eyelash curler by Belvada that I actually got almost two years ago from a Topbox. Talk about a good find! I've actually tried the Shiseido curler that is pretty popular among asian bloggers but actually found that this works better. It has a flatter edge and it seems to just work better on me!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Tory Burch Shoes Reveal

There have been some brands that have come and gone after unexpected surges in popularity, such as Coach as Michael Kors, but Tory Burch is a label that I have continued to admire.

Near Toronto (emphasis on 'near', as it is about 30 minutes away) a Premium Outlets opened up about a year or two ago, and although it has no where the amount of stores as some of the American outlets there are still some pretty great perks to it. It's quite a bit closer, and more importantly they have a Tory Burch outlet.

This weekend I came home with this beauty.
Tory Burch Shopping Bag Design

Tory Burch Shopping Bag Design

Inside the bag were these two beautiful boxes:

Tory Burch Shoe Box

 Inside the first box was this pair of sandals:

Tory Burch Emmy Demi Sandals

Guess how much this pair cost me? It was definitely a steal! I liked a lot of the other sandals but found that most of them were flats. This pair has a small wedge but I find that even an extra 1" in height can make such a difference in the way you walk and feel. I also really liked the subtle nature of the TB logo and felt like it gave it a really great 'classy feel'. Oh, and this pair was $99. Can you believe it? MK sandals are usually over $115! 

I just checked, and Shopbob has these priced at $328 CAD or $250 USD. Whee!
Tory Burch White Emmy Demi Sandals

Just wanted to show you how the wedge looks since you can't really see it in the other photo.

Okay, and now onto my second purchase: Reva flats!! I've seen these shoes on everybody and have always been envious on how great they look. I know they're supposedly a pair of shoes that need to be worn in and can be painful on the first few wears - but I swear they seemed pretty comfortable when I walked around in them!

Tory Burch Black Reva Flats
I can't wait to wear them, but to be honest I'm not sure which outfits to wear them with ! It's winter right now so I'll have to wait a few months but hope that I can get some use out of them for the rest of the year.

I have a slight worry that the logo might be a bit 'much' and a bit too flashy but I think that I'll still have ample opportunity to wear them. Though I am still on the fence about whether or not it would be appropriate to wear to school, but I'm pretty sure I've seen other girls wearing them around on campus.

These were about $199 Canadian with no further discounts in store; however, I believe that in retailers they are marked at $250 so there are still some savings. For Americans who are reading this right now, our Canadian loonie (dollar) has really weakened these last few months. If you convert it, it's around $160! For comparison, I just looked at the US Nordstrom store and there it retails for about $225. Even though we, Canadians, have been driving down south for the savings these past years it might actually be worth it for Americans to drive up North! I mean the exchange rate itself is giving you a 20% discount (for every 1 CAD you only have to pay 0.80 USD).

Tory Burch Black Reva FlatsUnfortunately, this hurts our cross-border shopping habits dramatically. I mean, it affects our online shopping too, it's pretty painful to realize that everything in the shopping cart costs 25% more! I miss those days when the dollars were at par.

Tory Burch Black Reva Flats and White Emmy Demi Sandals
Tory Burch Black Reva Flats and White Emmy Demi Sandals
It was a successful shopping trip to say the least! It's too bad that it's Winter right now, just looking at this photo makes me want to put them on and to go out with them! I promise I'm not a shoe addict.

Tory Burch Black Reva Flats

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Who's your current favourite designer? Do you own any TB pieces, and if so what do you like the most about it?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Manitobah Mukluks Review

In the last week, we had an extreme weather warning due to temperatures ranging from -20 to -30 degrees. It was cold. Fortunately for me, there was something that kept me extremely warm: my Manitobah Mukluks. 

If you live somewhere with really harsh Winters I highly recommend these boots! I had seen these around for a number of years but for some reason I never really took interest in it, until this year. This year, I was obsessed and made it my mission to buy a pair for myself. The challenge was to find it at the lowest price that I could - at full price these boots range from 200-300 before tax!

Manitobah Mukluks, specifically "Snowy Owl" in Charcoal
These are the "Snowy Owl"Mukluks in Charcoal.
So I was originally planning to purchase them from Browns shoes at $170 pre-tax and had actually placed an order. I honestly scoured through so many sites and looked for any possible price matching (I like to find the best possible deal). For your information, Sport Chek has a pretty shitty price matching policy. They won't even price match their own online store, since it doesn't apply to anything online. I was really disappointed to say the least. 

The next day, after ordering, I must have stumbled onto Becker Shoes accidentally, but I am so lucky that I did. I realized that they were selling it for $20 less and that it included taxes! Hallelujah, that means that if there was a tax I would have been paying a base price of ~'$130' ! Thankfully the Browns order had not shipped and I was able to cancel it in time. It was $150 including tax

That being said, I highly recommend Becker Shoes. They had such a great promotion going on (and I believe it is still going on/ I'm also not affiliated with them in any shape or form I'm just really happy about my purchase) and are a local Canadian store which I believe is located in Collingwood. It also included free shipping, which arrived within a couple of days - it was pretty quick.

Manitobah Mukluks, specifically "Snowy Owl" in Charcoal
This is how they look worn on.
I like to wear them with jeans or leggings 
So what I really wanted to note was that these are the warmest boots I have ever had. Granted, I have never had knee high (well almost at the knee) boots that were lined with fur but somehow, whenever I wear them the thoughts going through my mind are literally "wow, I cannot believe how warm my feet and legs are right now". 

Normally I wear a short pair of Sorels (which are also really great), they're the ones that are really light weight and only go slightly past your ankles. They're small enough that I don't feel like I'm wearing these huge bulky snowboarding boots  (like the rest of their winter boots) and are pretty convenient to put on and take off. And although I don't normally notice my feet being really cold, unlike a lot of my friends, I never notice them being really warm either.

These mukluks are so comfortable and so warm! I love the pompoms, they're so cute and fun! Albeit it might be a bit 'kiddy' but I've seen a lot of grown women walking around in them, so no judgement. People frequently comment on them as well telling me how nice they think they look!

I was a little worried that they would be too snug around the calves, since my Hunters don't have much room in that area, but after trying them on in store I relieved to know that they would be fine. For reference I think mine are around 14.5"-15". Also, the company advises you to by a  size down from what you normally buy. But to be honest, I was pretty torn and wished that they had half sizes as the 7 was a bit too big and this one is a bit closer to the snug side.

And a little note about the company Manitobah Mukluks, they're actually Aboriginal owned! This is a Canadian company which produces many of their boots in Winnipeg and works to support the Aboriginal communities. It's a great company story if you ask me!
Manitobah Mukluks, specifically "Snowy Owl" in Charcoal
The pompoms actually hang a bit lower, but I didn't want them to reach the floor and get dirty. 

Manitobah Mukluks, specifically "Snowy Owl" in Charcoal

Manitobah Mukluks, specifically "Snowy Owl" in Charcoal

What are your winter go- to boots? And if you don't have winter boots, what are your "winters" like if there is no snow!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Hub - Bouldering Review

Over my reading week I decided to check out this place called "The Hub" with my friend. It's newly opened (say approximately 7 months) and what it is, is a bouldering, 'rock climbing facility'.

Rock Climbing or Bouldering at The Hub in Markham Ontario So as a kid, I had gone rock climbing before. I thought it just sounded like an awesome activity and begged my father to bring me somewhere (we had to actually drive pretty far out of the way), and I got to experience rock climbing with a belay and everything.

Now probably over a decade later, I found out that at this gym there is no harness! Apparently 'bouldering' is the new craze and it is getting a lot of attention.

Bewarned, this is a pretty lengthy post.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Loreal Mascara Voluminous Review

Sales work!

Well that's probably obvious, since the majority of people would leap at the chance to buy something at a discounted price, I mean who doesn't like to save money?

Loreal Voluminous Mascara Original Review
Honestly, the only reason I bought the Loreal Voluminous Mascara was because I saw that it was on sale at Walmart for ~$5. Most of the time I like to review things online (read up on MakeupAlley, check out blog reviews and etc) to see if it's good quality and worth the money. But with this, I hadn't even heard the slightest (surprisingly) and hoped that it would be worth at least the $5 I paid for it.

So I must have used it once or twice without really thinking much of it, because I know I didn't love to the same extent as I do now until recently, and put it off to the side. Up until now I had been using two other mascaras that I really like: Maybelline Falsies and Benefit They're Real (I know, they're on the two ends of the spectrum). They're both amazing for their similar yet also different qualities: Falsies has a really great curved brush, They're Real lengthens pretty well, and they both have pretty good layering qualities.

 But for some reason, I decided to give Loreal a try one day (to switch it up or something) and I was so impressed by it! It's a low budget product with what feels like a low marketing budget (I swear I don't see many ad placements for it), but it really is a hidden gem. The brush doesn't seem like anything special, but boy can it length and layer.

I have really short non-existent asian lashes, so when I can find a product that makes it look like I have a visible full set of lashes I'm usually impressed. To further put this into perspective, I recently purchased a 'Sephora Favourites' mascara boxset - in addition to my Falsies and They'reReal, nevertheless I can't stop using Loreal's Voluminous. It's become my new go to mascara.

This mascara is great for an everyday look; however, I have worn it going out on a few occasions as well. My only complaint is that sometimes after too many layers (3+) it does get a little bit clumpy, but I guess that's kind of warranted after applying so much product.

The funny thing is that, for a product that no one really raves about, somehow 3/5 girls in my house ended up using it! Two of us merely purchased it by chance while the third one bought it since she saw that we had it and liked it. So the first two (includes me) had it really liked it, whereas the third girl said it didn't seem as great as we had hyped it up to be. But she did say, that what she really liked about this mascara was how black it was! I have black eyelashes, so for me I guess the darkness/pigmentation of the mascara isn't something I really take into consideration; however, it can be an important factor for others like my friend on the who is brunette!
Loreal Voluminous Mascara Original Review
Love it!!

Loreal Voluminous Mascara Brush
Here's the brush, you can see that it looks pretty regular and unexciting but I assure you it is great!

So my question for you is, do you do online research before you make your beauty purchases? Let me know in the comments :)!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Bloggers! Do you ever..

Just think of something that makes you go: "I have to write a post about this - like, right now?! "

A lot of times throughout my day, I'll think about something (usually a product or something) that I really just want to post about it - just because I love it that much. With school and other priorities, it's not always sensible to drop everything on the spot and to do just that. So instead, I'll post a draft with my idea as a header so I remember to write about it later.

But right now, in the midst of watching a lecture online, and eating, I really wanted to share this with you - I wanted to tell you about my lunch.After finishing both my snack and my lunch, I realized that everything I had was from costco!

As a university student it can be troubling to bring healthy lunches to school. Sometimes it's just more inconvenient, but at the same time eating out too much will definitely put a dent in your pocket.

So the problem with nut mixes, is that although they are full of great fats, they have quite a load of calories. I measured out the 'serving size' of 1/3 cup and packed it into a little container. Honestly, I don't even think I like the nuts that much - what gets me are the yogurt chips and dried cranberries, it actually just tastes like candy! Normally I eat way less than 1/3 cup (because I didn't know how much it was) I would eat small handfuls as I past the kitchen. Were you aware that just 1/3 of a cup has 200 calories??

Next, I had the most delicious salad. It's so simply but tasty at the same time. I bought a kale and arugula pack at Costco for around $4 - I feel like this is pretty normal price, but the size of the container was huge! They packed so much into it that you are definitely getting your moneys worth.

Inside the salad I put the most delicious chicken. Costco sells an entire rotisserie chicken for $8, and I swear it is one of the best chickens out there. I made my roommates each try some and they all agreed that Costco had magically locked in so much moisture and flavour. I've definitely been eating this every day; shredding it up for my salad was definitely a great idea. Did you know Costco Rotisserie chicken is so beloved that it has its own Facebook page? 

On top of this, I purchased these 'Love Beets' from Costco. They are amazing!! They come pre-cooked ( yes, there is no hassle involved) and pre packaged, making them extremely convenient. All I did was pop open a pack, and diced up a beet before dropping it into a salad. These beets last pretty long in the fridge, usually the expiration date is about 2-3 months from my date of purchase meaning that I'm not rushed to finish the entire case (since it is from Costco, it does come with a lot).

Finally, I top it with a raspberry balsamic vinegar. Yes there is a little bit more sugar than the regular one, but in all honesty I think it's fine because it makes a big enough of a difference in my level of enjoyment and it's not filled with as much cream and fat as other alternate salad dressings. I realized this was the one product that I used which was not from Costco. 

Anyways this salad really only has two things, chicken and beets. But the chicken has so much flavor, and the dressing just taste so good, that together it is still an extremely satisfying lunch. It's pretty healthy too, the bulk of the calories come from the chicken alone and because you are tear them into strips you don't even need to put in too much.

What are your favourite go to 'healthy' meals? Do you have a 'must buy' Costco item? :) Tell me in the comments!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh Review

Have you ever heard a phrase that says something like 'The most expensive/valuable camera you can have is the one you actually have with you'? People usually say this to reference the convenience that cell phones have given us by allowing us to always have a camera on hand, since let's face it - people are rarely without their phones, which is more valuable than a high quality, bulky, expensive DSLR that stays at home.

Well.. this has nothing to do with cameras - but it does have a lot to do with convenience. I've been meaning to write this short post for a while, but haven't gotten around to doing it due to a lack of time.

The thing with moisturizers is that there are a ton of them. There's such a large variety of them, all with various benefits and distinguishing features among them. There are shelves dedicated to creams both at the drug store, and even at higher end shops such as Sephora.

People are always raving about Shea butter, or the most moisturizing cream - and so I tend to fall for it. I buy them, but after that they collect dust on the shelf. My biggest problem is that I never moisturize. It's one of those things that I know I should do, but I just forget to or don't feel inclined to do.

But this, spray has been a game changer. For some reason, when my eyes glance past it, they actually stop - and somehow I think 'wow, I should just pick up the spray, I should actually use it'. Normally I look right past my moisturizers but the sheer convenience of the spray is enough for me to change my habits. This is why I absolutely love it. Who knows, maybe if I start to develop the habit further I'll actually remember to moisturize with other creams that aren't spray on.

Anyways, I find this spray pretty moisturizing in addition to convenient. If you are someone who is trying to moisturize more, which is probably most people who is also experiencing this dry Winter weather, I highly recommend it!

It is kind of expensive, I mean it's listed around $7 on the Walmart website and in comparison to the pump that it usually comes in you are getting a lot less product. But even if it was cheaper and you get more product, it won't mean much if you're not using it right? Also just to let you know, after you spray it in you do need to rub it in a little bit (like spray on sun screen) but nevertheless it is still pretty fantastic. I also like the aloe scent, it is definitely not too strong - for anyone who does not like scented products.

Have you tried this or any of Vaseline's other products? What are your thoughts? Let me know!